Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Weigh-In!

We had a good weekend! Hope you all did, too!
Saturday I did not go over my daily calories according to myfitnesspal, but I was close. Too close! Since I didn't take the time to even go for a walk, I just barely stayed under. But then yesterday was good, we were even invited to a birthday party!
Yesterday morning I went for my walk, and decided to see if I could do the C25K week 2. YES!!! I did it! Yup, my calves were burning and I think my "run" was barely faster than a walk, but I did it! The roads close to my house are dirt roads, and the one I had been taking so far has less traffic, but more uneven and sandy streches. The road I took yesterday is alot more even and has no sandy patches. And Bonus! No traffic yesterday! I could hardly believe it. Well, yes I could. Everyone was sleeping in on a beautiful Sunday morning!
I told my husband yesterday that my next Egg Money (yes, I do actually sell eggs!) goes to a new pair of running shoes. The ones I use now have been hurting my feet during exercise for a long time. I'll just have to admit that I probably bought them to big. (I have a fear of too small shoes)

Ok now for my weigh in results! I was happy!

264.2 lbs




  1. Yay, Casey!! You deserve a good pair of shoes with all of that exercising....and a run is a run, so you should be proud!

  2. new shoes are exciting once you wear them in, wait, then they are not new any more, but well you get what I mean :)
    getting closer to your pedicure, your feet will feel really special.
    from one who also fears too small shoes

  3. You are getting really close to your pedicure goal!!

    Have fun picking out your new shoes! Make sure to share a picture with us. :)

  4. Great job on going for your walk. I still haven't made it to the jogging pace yet. Just a walker haha. You'll have so much fun with a new pedicure! You;re almost there! one more lb!!!

  5. Hi funny!!! I also sell eggs and have egg money!!! There's not too many of us out there, huh? And my walking shoes, well let's just say they're on their last leg. I have got to get a new pair and soon!!! Good weigh in by the way.