Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Busy Tuesday!

I had a really busy day!
This morning, I had to get some things organized for a Christmas Program that we're having in the beginning of December.
This afternoon, Ladies Meeting at church.
This evening a bridal shower!
I did pretty well with the choices offered at the afternoon meeting - which means I slipped out after the meeting and before the food came!
And since I brought a veggie tray to the shower, that's what I had, along with a small piece of pizza, (about 1/2 the size of an english muffin).
But now that I'm home I had a piece of whole wheat bread with a herbed yougurt-based spread my friend makes. She uses skim milk, and fresh herbs - yummy!
I didn't get any walking in today, but I will be doing my 30 challenge after I log out here.
Tomorrow I want to do an exercise video first thing in the morning, I was going to today, but got distracted, feeding chickens and puttering around in the yard. (We just got a beautiful, much-needed rain here!) And then it was time to go...
As it is now...
Good night...


  1. I lost the most weight when I had a strick diet during the week and Sunday I could eat whatever I wanted. So if I craved chocolate or Ice Cream or chips, it wasn't I can never have that ever again, I just have to wait till Sunday. During the week it was lots of grapefruit and green apples. The nutritionist I was working with said this would boost the metabolism. I kept a food diary, but didn't write anything down on Sunday. I refused to feel guilty and thoroughly enjoyed the food.
    Hope this helps.

  2. this herbed yogurt spread sounds really unusual and yummy! Sounds like you did wonderful in sticking to plan with the veggie tray - how smart of you to take something that you can also enjoy.

  3. What a busy day, but it sounds like a fun busy! :) You did a really great job with your choices! Way to go!