Friday, November 26, 2010

Going Bananas!!

Did YOU know that a banana has like around 100 calories? I thought I was making a wise food choice, because I chose fruit. I never knew it had that many calories!
Ok, a nutritionist once told me... "a calorie is a calorie is a calorie." I protested! I said that 100 calories of apple is better than 100 calories of chocolate cake. And she said it's the same. No way! Cannot be! Maybe she didn't understand what I was trying to say, and she was trying to prove her calorie theory. But this is what I meant and see if you agree.
  • First of all, who can eat only 100 calories of chocolate cake?  That's be like a 16th of an inch slice. Or less.
  • That is not satisfying.
  • Now 100 calories of apple, fills you right up. You probably would't binge on apples, would you?
  • 100 calories of cake multiplies right around the hips.
  • 100 calories of apple goes right through you, all that fibre.
So tell me, please, 100 caloriesIS the same no matter where you get it from, but... the results are different, am I right.

And I have another question.
myfitnesspal(dot)com tells me that acording to my personal data, I can eat 2080 caolories in a day, burn 1170 calories a week and lose 1 lbs/week. Does this really mean regardless of where my calories are coming from? And what do they mean when they tell me I've earned an amount of calories because I exercised. Does this mean I'm going to lose more because I haven't gone over 1720 calories per day? And because I exercised?
Yup, I'll have to see it to believe it
And, I know that not everyone uses this tool, so maybe noone knows what I'm talking about! :) Just a little ramble.

I've been doing the C25K week one for 2 weeks now. I did it yesterday morning and was going to do it again tonight. (I heard you were only supposed to do it every second day:) I couldn't do it! The first running minute was ok. The second I got half way through, and the third I barely started. My calves and shins were burning! They hurt so bad, I just couldn't run anymore. Maybe that's why they tell you three times a week. So, I'm gonna rest my calves and try again on Sunday. Maybe, after 2 weeks of week one I will get to week two!

On another note...

I love what Nancy Leigh DeMoss said on her facebook page today.

‎"No matter what I have done, no matter how I have failed, no matter how weak I have been, no matter how inadequate I am, God has not changed. He has not failed." - Nancy Leigh DeMoss

And with that ... Good night!



  1. Hi Casey,

    I agree with your calorie analogy. Some foods make you crave more carbs. Some foods lack protein and fiber. Not all foods are made equal so it's not just about the calories. I didn't lose weight when all I did was try to maintain certain calories. It def. is about the quality of food and getting that right balance of healthy carbs, healthy fats, and protein.

    And on your running... good for you in listening to your body. Why push yourself into injuries. It's not smart to overdo it. I am not a runner (yet), but I've heard that is a common problem of beginners to push themselves and then have injuries.

    Best of luck girl. God bless!!


  2. Maybe you should read about the Nutritionist who lost 27lbs eating mostly junk food. I agree with your logic though but i guess if you have a strong will power you can lose weight eating mostly junk food. It is better to eat quality food though because you feel better when you do that. The body functions better when you eat a balanced diet. Nevertheless, in the end the only thing that matters is doing what works for you.

  3. You're right, whether 100 calories of banana or 100 calories of chocolate cake, it's still 100 calories. The problem is that calories are not the only measure of nutritional value. The cake will have more fat, sodium, and fewer vitamins and minerals. Bananas *do* have a lot of sugar, but unlike the cake, it is not a refined sugar, so it's actually good for you, and your body reacts differently to it than it will when faced with the cake. The sugar of the cake will make you crave more refined sugars, whereas the banana is more likely to leave you satisfied.

    And, like you said, 100 calories of cake is practically no cake - some of the companies that make 100 calorie snack packs make cupcake ones, and it's two or three cupcakes the size of quarters. I'd rather take the more filling banana!

  4. 100 Calories is 100 calories- but I do believe eating a banana or apple is a lot better than eating a slice of cake. Maybe you are eating 100 calories now, but if you eat an apple you'll be filled up. If you eat a piece of cake, you'll more than likely want more and eat up more calories.

  5. I feel so much better when I eat healthier foods. Example I could have a 100 calories of potato chips. However, every time I eat them my throat hurts. Happened to me again on Thanksgiving. Just not worth it to me anymore. I'm done with them!!

    I look forward to following your progress!!

    Keep focused!!

  6. I do agree that a calorie is a calorie, just some are better than others overall.

    And yes, if you work out more, you get to eat more. Think of your body as a car and it needs fuel to get where it needs to go. Even in Weight Watchers you earn activity points to eat more.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend! :D

  7. I'm with Mary on this one...I cannot - can not eat just 100 calories of way possible. And there is no oil or butter in an apple. I think you have to look at the food as a whole and not just the caloric intake.