Monday, November 22, 2010

Weigh In!

So today's weigh in puts me at 266.8 lbs for a total loss of 12.2 lbs!
The 25th is picture progress day!
Last night I wore pants I often wear and at times I felt they were almost slipping off.
This is good!
I really like these pants, but since I have alot of pants that are too small on me, I am looking forward to fitting into others.
I like what Ann does... She has a certain day where she tries on a certain pair of pants and updates how they fit. I'm going to look into my drawers to see if I have a magical pair that are a size or two smaller than what I wear now. And I will try to fit them! As soon as possible!
Have a great week!


  1. I think the best part of this weight loss is putting on clothes I have either never thought I could wear or clothes that belonged to a thinner person. I played dress up this weekend with my hubby's clothes. It was so fun teasing him but putting on his work shirt and jeans, tucking it all in and buttoning and zipping it without laying down, without being squeezed. I also admit the jeans I'm wearing are a stretch kind but they are a size 14. I haven't worn a 14 since high school and that was my size then. I'm sure if it wasn't for the stretch I wouldn't be in there but hey, 11 months ago I couldn't fit into a stretch 18 so I'll take it and smile. You are doing so fine. Keep it up. Do find that pair of pants you just don't think will fit and sometime in Feburary I bet they'll be to big for you. It is just so fun.
    Take care and I'm off to read a bit more. I have extra kiddo's today so it's a hit and miss on what I'm reading and when but I'll still get some done. God Bless you my new friend.

  2. Woo Hoo... great job Casey! I love it when pants get looser! :)

  3. Hi, Casey!
    So happy for your loss! Loose clothing seems to be a huge problem for so many women. I lived at Goodwill until I met goal, but it's hard to always be able to locate the right size. Still, there's nothing that shows progress than loose pants!