Friday, November 12, 2010

Being a Postage Stamp!


I read this on Kim Benson's Website today. Perseverance!

Thanks for your comments on yesterday's post, ladies! It's good to know that I am not alone in my struggles, and I've dusted myself off and am ready to go again.

This morning my boys, ages 3 and 5, cleaned my 2 fridges. I found I did still have a few edible vegetables in there and not too much to throw out. I hated throwing out the broccoli, because it's SO expensive here and we can't get it very often, but I just didn't use it on time and it looked quite sad. My chickens thank me, though!

I finally made it to the grocery store this afternoon and stocked up on fruit and vegetables. I can't let them run out again! Got some melons and I'll be making a huge fruit salad tomorrow. Yum!

I've been looking into the "Couch to 5 km" programm, and found I could download an Mp3 to listen to while I walk/run. Ann asked if I listened to anything while I walked, and I usually do, but this actually tells me when to start walking or running. The website has a few options to download, and I did the Christian Indie one. I will be trying some others I think. See what music makes me forget that I'm actually running.

Yeah, about that! I did it!!!!! Today I did my first session of the c25k programm. I couldn't quite make all the running parts. But I made sure to do the last 60 second session. My husband couldn't believe it when he saw me return all sweaty. I usually walk and don't get as sweaty as that. He was quite impressed! (And so was I!!!) And he actually wished he could have joined me.

The weekend  is here and we'll be having friends over on Saturday night for a barbeque (probably lamb and/or chicken) and I'll make a potato salad without the mayonaisse. And lots of veggies. Fruit salad and probably an Angel Food Cake for dessert. And Sunday we're invited to a Birthday Party so I hope she has some healthy choice there!

Have a great weekend, Casey

Food and Beverages
Coffee with Creamer
oatmeal with 1 banana, cinnamon, sweetner, bran and almonds
1 banana
3 whole wheat cracker
1 soft tortilla wrap with 1 tsp Thousand Island dressing 1/4 cup of shredded chicken (boiled, white, no skin) and 3/4 cups of tossed salad
2 chipa
1 soft tortilla wrap with 2 slices of ham and 1/2 cup of tossed salad
1 orange
1 mandarine

9 glasses

30 minute C25K (Week 1)


  1. You started the C25K? Awesome! Good for you!! The hubs and were just talking about doing that last night.
    Your bbq sounds delish! I hope your weekend is great.


  2. Happy day 19!

    now you got me interested, I'll check out the c25k thing.

    Hope your weekend is blessed one

  3. The c25k program really works! That's what I started with. I did the weeks for months at a times somtetimes until I was ready to go on- good luck!

  4. Hey!! Congratulations on your running success! I hear that program is not for sissies, either - you'll do great!