Monday, November 15, 2010

Weigh in!

Not much time to post today.
Weigh in was a little dissappointing. 270.3 lbs. Slight gain!
I've been reading alot of the blogs I follow and am convinced that I need to make a real plan, food wise.
Instead of quitting and making a plan, I'm going to go trial and error until I find a plan that I can follow long-term.
Any suggestions are welcome. I have a few Weight Watchers Recipe books I'm looking into and some of the food looks to good to be healthy! :)
We don't have any WW meetings here, or I'd probly be there...
I'm not going to post my food here today, though I do have it written in a notebook.
Not enough Water today, that's for sure!!!
Exercise on Sunday: c25k W1D2
Exercise on Monday: 35 minute walk and 30 day challenge
Will try to post more tomorrow!


  1. My problem with every diet change I did was that I just couldn't keep up with all the meals and making all the healthy foods for me and my family or even just me and my husband - I could for a while but not long term.

    Why Take Shape for Life works for me, is that being a meal replacement... it has the right balance of protein and carbs and healthy fats so I don't have to do all that work for all those meals. And they are so nutritionally made that I don't need to take supplements where every other diet plan I tried I was always loaded down with vitamins. I am only in charge of one main meal (my lean and green) and it's so much easier to handle that and stay on top of it. Plus, eating every 3 hours in this plan has reduced my cravings by like 90% so it's not hard to pass up the other food. That was my downfall before... I just caved eventually. It makes sense to eat more often, smaller portions, to keep my metabolism going and burning that fat.

    I worry that people think I'm trying to "sell" this program, but really, it just works so well, I really just want to share it. Even my coach was so hesitant to try it, and she finally gave it 2 weeks and she was sold! And after she lost her 100 pounds and I saw her, I was blown away and knew we could do it to.

    So that's an option for you. But whatever you do, it's about making those healthy choices a habit. Don't give up. I hope you find what works for you!! :)

    I love your header pic!

    God Bless!!

  2. I've tried a lot of different diets over the years, with varying degrees of success. (Nothing that stuck long-term, though.) I think what works depends upon the individual, and even to a degree on where they are in their lives.

    The main thing is to not give up. If one thing isn't doing it, leave it for another plan - but don't just do nothing in-between.

    Margene, I haven't heard of Take Shape for Life, but it obviously works - just look at what you and your husband have accomplished! It is hard to argue facts. lol

    I'm doing low fat eating, but not in any sort of formal plan. It is up to me to work out what I want. Tonight, it was grilled veggie wrap and backed potato. Yesterday was Mexican with all the trimmings - minus cheese. Ah, cheese ... how I miss it.

    Let us know what you ultimately decide to try, Casey. If there is a plan out there, you can almost always find someone who was successful on it.

  3. For me what has worked is Eating Clean....the only things I can't have are processed food....if it is natural and whole then I eat measuring or counting calories!
    Here is a link to a website that explains it a bit better.

    I believe you will find a plan that works for you and then you will just know it!!!


  4. Weight Watchers online works for me!