Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Planing to win!

As I was deep cleaning my bookshelves recently, I found at least 6 journals that I had started.
One of them was actually  used only  once! Yup, only the first page and it says:

"I want to start journaling again, but I keep thinking about how past journals have started and failed, and so I'm almost afraid to begin!"
Prophetic words, are they not!

Another one actually has 4 written pages (yeah, I'm addicted to buying new notebooks, too!)
First sentence:

"It's Tuesday, the 18th of January 2010. How do I start a journal again? I'm already feeling like a failure because I don't ever keep it up."

Well, that, too, my friends, proved prophetic!
But in that same journal I had also written this:

" ...another thing I'd like to journal about is my weight problem. I've been reading alot about weigh loss, dieting and doing it God's way. I feel like I'm going to suffer if I want to lose weight.
I need to get my focus off myself and do this for God's glory, and for the good it will do me.
He will help me, I know he will.
Plan: Buy a trustworthy scale.
        Get some exercise dvd's.
        Get a check-up."

Well, I did those three things. And I am coming at this weight loss thing 9 months later and from a new angle. I'm not planning on failing!
I'm planning on losing, but not on failing!
I am going to lose weight.

Will you help me?



  1. Let's do this girl! We can. Failure is only in giving up. As long as we keep trying, how can we fail? We may stumble here and there but overall, we are moving forward and making progress because we are WORTH being healthy and happy and living a life where we can serve and uplift others!

    Hey, at least you started some journals... you have such great motives... that's where all our best efforts start. And now you have this blog and are putting it into action. So let's kick it this time!! :)


  2. I got your back on this one! Finnigan

  3. You've inspired me to try again. Thanks sis. Midnight