Friday, January 28, 2011

Off we go!

Well, we are ready to pack the SUV and go come morning!
I don't think I'll be at a computer at all this coming week, so I'll have TONS of blogs to read when I get back. 

All those who comment on my posts, thank you for your encouraging words. Thanks for taking the time to comment. You have blessed me more than you know.

I have been so challenged by all the blogs I read. There are many (maybe too many), and I don't comment on all of them, but I have learnt so much through the struggles that all of you face, and I've been encouraged by many of you.  To know that there is hope and success and happiness during this journey has made it less of a burdensome, restricted diet, and more of a getting to know my body and what works for me in order to lose weight. Of course, I haven't got it all figured out yet. If I had, I wouldn't be blogging about weight loss.

NSV for today: I finally saw a friend I hadn't seen in months and we didn't have alot of time to talk, but this is what I found in my inbox a few minutes ago:

hey, wanted to let you know that i loved seeing you today. I have missed you! I also wanted to let you know that I can not BELIEVE how much weight you have lost! I am really proud of you! I know how much work it is and I am proud of you! I love you! Have a great vacation

She knows how unhappy I have been with my weight, and she has been a person I've asked to hold me accountable in the past, but since they have moved we really don't have alot of opportunities to talk. And I never did tell her what I was doing as of the 25th of October!So it was wonderful that she noticed and took the time to encourage me in this way!

So we're off in the morning. I weighed in this morning at 254.6 lbs and will weigh in again ater we're back. Kinda think there will be a gain, but I'm ok with it, if it's only a small one. I'll be careful and think before I eat! And LOTS of water! And I'll try to get in a few long walks.

We are going to a place called Salto Cristal - We've never been so here's a picture off the internet. Isn't it beautiful!?!?!

And I will post pictures when we get back!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Progress and a sunrise

So here's a little follow-up on my post yesterday!
Oh... just boring measurements and another progress picture!
I was curious to see if I had lost any inches and here are the results:

                      10/25/10          11/24/10          12/28/10                  01/25/2011
Height             5’7”
Weight            279 lbs             266 lbs             258 lbs                      254 lbs
BMI                43.7                 41.8                 40.4                             39.8

Waist               49”                  48”                  46”                                 46"
Bust                 52”                  49.75”             49.5”                              48.75"
Hips                 57”                  55.5”               54.5”                              52"
Arms               18”                  15”                  15”                                 15"
Thighs             29.5”               28.5”               28”                                  27.75"
Neck                                       16”                  16”                                15"
Calves                                     18”                  17”                                18"
Well, I was very happy that my hips lost 2.5". Not much else has changed, but it's been a slow month!
My calves are up an inch, but they are firm, baby! Must be all that walking!
I REALLY need to start some strength training, but I think I'll have to wait til the kids are back in school. I do so much better with a routine!
One of the things I like about our summer is that I can walk in the mornings. But the times are changing and it doesn't get light out til 5:45 - and then only barely light enough to walk. (Note: I need to be back home no later than 6:20)
And no, I do NOT like to walk in the dark.
The other day I was sure I saw a huge snake coiled up in the middle of the road. It was just barely light out, so I turned around and walked around the block. Ok, I was just starting my walk, so it was just a slightly altered route.
Well, on the way back I decided I would go back and see if that big old snake was still lying there. And it was, only it wasn't a snake... it was a dead owl. But the coloring and pattern I saw in the pre-dawn semi-darkness was enough to send me down a different road.
The other morning I decided to take some pictures of the road I walk, and the moonlight was incredible. But that picture didn't turn out so well, so I turned around and got an amazing sunrise!

Beautiful sunrise, but still a little dark for my walk (this was at the beginning of my walk).

We will be leaving for vacation on Saturday and will be gone about a week. It will be difficult to stay on track and eat well, but I've decided to enjoy vacation, eat sensibly and even enjoy a bit of my favorite Fast Food (none of that where I live, thank goodness!).  I'll try to track what I eat, even if I don't calculate all the calories, just to stay accountable. We will be on the road quite a bit, so exercising is going to be a challenge too . And I don't think I'll weigh while we're gone. 

I'll try to post again before we leave.

Have a wonderful week!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Celebrate with me!!! No longer Morbidly Obese!


Not only am I no longer morbidly obese (at 5'7'', 254,4 lbs, my BMI is at 39.8), but I also celebrate a 25 lbs weight loss!

Starting weight on October 25, 2010 - 279 lbs
Current Weight on January 24, 2011 - 254 lbs
Total loss: 25 lbs!!!!!!!!

I still have quite a ways to go but hopefully the next 3 months will give me another 25 lbs down!

Should that be my next goal???

I have my little mini-goals, but I'm gonna go for it.

Also I signed up for Kenz's Family and Friends Getting Fit Challenge. I've been looking for a Challenge! And I am hoping this will motivate me and bring me lots of good results! I'm really looking forward to this!

This morning my daughter saw me getting these pictures ready for this post and she was so surprised. And proud of me! She's 10 and she's proud of her Mom!!!

And I told my mom about the 25 lb loss and she was proud of me!

So we've got three generations of pride going on here! But in a good way!

Have a great week everyone!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Resting on my laurels!

Yes, folks, that's what I've been doing. I am ashamed to admit it, but the past successes have made me a tad bit cocky! I've been overconfidant and thought I had this whole thing figured out.

I've been exercising regularly and my NSV's were abundant. But I have been way lax in tracking my food.

I'd track my breakfast in the morning, and at noon, when I sit down at the computer to track, I struggle to remember what and how much I snacked on and my meals are hard to track, too! Lots of math! And the calorie charts are not South America friendly and not all our store bought products have the nutritional information on it.

Some things I think I'll remember but then forget, or I'll just estimate the calories and not be real sure, so I just don't even track, or I'll just think, it wasn't that many calories and blah, blah, blah.

So I just haven't been tracking lately.

Yup, resting on my laurels does not help with the weight loss, friends.

So, here I go again, tracking what I eat.

If you snack it, track it!

So, I had been wanting to tell you about my exodus. From morbid obesity, that is! But, not today. Hopefully next week.

So, a slight gain, slightly humbled and hopefully a little wiser, too.

Last Week: 255.9 lbs
This Week: 256.3lbs
That's a 0.4 lbs gain

Not so much, but eye-opening!

And here's a little something to smile about!
My youngest had some favorite stuffed toys.and just really thought they'd look great in these jars! He is a funny little guy!

Hoipe you all have a great week!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Checking up on the Cholesterol

Had a check-up this morning! The nurse who weighed me was happy, my Dr. was happy and my cholesterol levels were happy!
Not super-duper happy, but definitly happy!
My LDL was very high, which is why my Dr. put me on meds for a month in August. I was supposed to watch my diet as well and come back in November. Well, November turned into January and my LDL went from 195mg/dL down to 146 mg/dl. I am quite pleased. I never really paid attention to the numbers before, just let the Dr. figure it all out. But now that I'm on a path to better health, the numbers take on new meaning!

LDL Cholesterol Levels
Less than 100 mg/dLOptimal
100 to 129 mg/dLNear Optimal/ Above Optimal
130 to 159 mg/dLBorderline High
160 to 189 mg/dLHigh
190 mg/dL and aboveVery High

Next up is my triglyceride level:

August had me at 194 mg/dL and November has me at 157 mg/dL. Still in the same catagory, but at opposite ends of the ruler!

  • Normal: less than 150 mg/dL
  • Borderline-High: 150–199 mg/dL
  • High: 200–499 mg/dL
  • Very High: 500 mg/dL
And then there's my Total Blood Cholesterol Level
And now that I see the numbers and read the risks, it kinda scares me that I've been so matter-of-fact about it. August  was 281mg/dL which is high risk and now I'm down to 221 mg/dl which is borderline.

Less than 200 mg/dL: Desirable
200–239 mg/dL: Borderline-High Risk
240 mg/dL and over: High Risk 

So, I'm still borderline high with most of my numbers here, but Dr. was happy that it's going down with no meds and so am I!
This is a NSV but a Blood Test Victory!

See you on Monday for Weigh In!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Weigh In Week 11

255.9 lbs
This means I am so close to 255 lbs, I can almost smell it! That's out of Morbid Obesity and a night out with Hubby. Ironic that we'll probly go out to eat though!
My kids will all be gone for a few days this week. My oldest at kids camp and the younger three are at the ranch with Gramma and Grampa. Am looking forward to alone time so much, that I feel guilty!
Have a great week, friends!

Friday, January 7, 2011

About Arrows and Sticks

I’ve been thinking alot about goals lately. Who hasn’t really? I’ve really enjoyed reading about other peoples resolutions and goals on their blogs the last few days.

The ones that stand out to me are the more specific goals. Not “Lose weight” – but rather “lose 10 lbs by Valentines Day.”  And not “Be a better person” – but rather “Speak kind and loving words every time my MIL calls.”

Something I did a few years ago was make a Have, Do, Be List. (It’s still taped to the door in our bedroom) On it I had three columns.

In the Have column I put down: a new fridge, a better car, new kitchen cupboards, desk for the girls room, etc. These are things we’d like to buy, if and when we have the finances for it. There is only one major thing I haven’t crossed off yet, and that’s the kitchen renovations. When I really think about it, it’s incredible that we could actually really cross off so many items on the list. My favorite was the fridge. One day, I was sick in bed and the phone rang. I was really sick, so I just checked the Caller ID and decided that since it was an unfamiliar number, I wouldn’t answer. Well, it rang again about 10 minutes later. Same number. So obviously someone really wanted to talk to me. It was the manager of our local Supermarket congratulating me on winning a new Whirlpool Refrigerator. Wow! I had totally forgotten that I had entered a drawing for that fridge. It was smaller than what I would have bought if we had saved up for a new fridge, but since we kept our old one (which wasn’t broken, just old and too small for our growing family), we decided to keep it and I crossed that off my list!

In the Do column are the projects I have mostly for the house and for myself. These projects included: Lose weight (more on that later) paint the girls/boys room, sew bedspreads, finish cross-stitch picture, and do a woodwork project. These things can be accomplished it I make time to get them done.

My Be / Become list gets a little more personal: Be a fun mom, a respectful wife, a better friend, an organized homemaker, become healthy and fit, become wiser, be more compassionate, be a pray-er. The things on this list are the hardest, because they require the most “inside” work. The things on this list are begging for the answer to this question: “And just how are you going to do this???”

This has become my most important list though, it’s ongoing and some things I’ll be working on for the rest of my life, but I think this is my most worthwhile list.

My Have list requires money. If I save enough, I can have these things.

My Do list requires time and elbow grease. I can do these things in the course of a year.

But my Be list requires that I take a look at my weakness, evaluate my goals and change my thinking. It requires humility and sacrifice. It requires prayer and self-discipline. And above all I know that I cannot do it on my own. I need to rely on God to be my strength. I need to seek Him to change my heart. And I need to know that He loves me just as I am, and He loves me too much to let me stay this way.

As I mentioned earlier,  on my DO list is “lose weight”. That has been a goal for many years.

I had my target, so to speak, but I was not using the arrows intended for this kind of target. I think I was merely throwing sticks or clods of dirt at it. So yeah, maybe once in a while I’d lose 5 lbs, but I was surprised when I did.  Like I would be if I’d hit the bulls-eye with a stick!

This time around I’m looking for arrows, true and straight. These arrows are designed to hit that target.

My goal – is to lose weight.
My target – for now is to lose 100 lbs.
My arrows – are the way I’m going to get to that goal.

è    Eat less! No snacking between meals. Making sure my portions are not “super-sized”.
è    Eat better! Healthy, nutritious meals and snacks. Low fat, low sugar are what I’m aiming for. Lots of fruits and vegetables. And I still want to make meals that my family will enjoy.
è    Reseach Nutrition! Look for recipies that are healthy. Really start looking at the calories in certain foods in order to decide whether it’s worth it or not.
è    Planning! Prepare a weekly menu, which includes meals and snacks. Shop accordingly.
è    Move more! Make sure I get a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio at least 3 times a week. Dare I say it… train for a 7k for March.
è    Strength train! Build muscle! Plan to do strength training at least 3 times a week.
è    Train my mind! Stop looking for excuses. Be confident and assured that I can do this. Be positive.
è    Journal my journey! Keep record of my struggles, temptations, trials AND victories!
è    Be accountable! Journal on my blog and let my readers in on my life. Allow them to be my cheerleaders on the way.
è    Encourage others! Be a positive influence on others, whether they are struggling with weight related issues or just need a friend to listen, encourage them.
è    Look to God! Focus on God, especially when I want to run to food for comfort. Nothing should take His place in my life. Nothing should be more important to me than my relationship with Him. Pray for strength. Read His Word for the comfort I need when I am down.

Well, my friends, it’s been good to write all of this down. I’ve been on this journey for 10 weeks now, I have been losing weight, but I felt like it was trial and error most days. With specific tools (or some pretty sharp arrows) in place and aiming for the target, I can’t fail, right?!

Aiming with arrows,

On another note: there are quite a few blogs that I cannot comment on. I have no idea what the problem is. Christine, from rediscoveringmein2009 is one of them, so if you’re reading this Christine, just know that I’d love to be commenting and encouraging you on your journey.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Weigh In Results Week 10

Well this year has started - And the one thing that I keep starting and leaving is my blog!

I don't have alot of time to sit and write at the moment either, but I am preparing a post on some of the things I am thinking through and pondering - should be long but not really that interesting if you're not me! :)

I did want to post my weigh in for this week though
256.6 lbs

That is a 2.8lbs loss and while I hoped I'd reach my next goal of 255 (and out of morbid obesity), I'm sure I'll get there this coming week. And I'm happy with the scale, even though I haven't been that great at tracking my food choices.

I have been exercising regularly, and I think that has been the only reason I didn't gain instead of lose.

And last time I posted some update photos and said I couldn't see any loss.
Well, here's the comparison of my side view - my most unflattering of the three poses I take for the pictures.

And yes, I can see a difference! Can you?