Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Progress and a sunrise

So here's a little follow-up on my post yesterday!
Oh... just boring measurements and another progress picture!
I was curious to see if I had lost any inches and here are the results:

                      10/25/10          11/24/10          12/28/10                  01/25/2011
Height             5’7”
Weight            279 lbs             266 lbs             258 lbs                      254 lbs
BMI                43.7                 41.8                 40.4                             39.8

Waist               49”                  48”                  46”                                 46"
Bust                 52”                  49.75”             49.5”                              48.75"
Hips                 57”                  55.5”               54.5”                              52"
Arms               18”                  15”                  15”                                 15"
Thighs             29.5”               28.5”               28”                                  27.75"
Neck                                       16”                  16”                                15"
Calves                                     18”                  17”                                18"
Well, I was very happy that my hips lost 2.5". Not much else has changed, but it's been a slow month!
My calves are up an inch, but they are firm, baby! Must be all that walking!
I REALLY need to start some strength training, but I think I'll have to wait til the kids are back in school. I do so much better with a routine!
One of the things I like about our summer is that I can walk in the mornings. But the times are changing and it doesn't get light out til 5:45 - and then only barely light enough to walk. (Note: I need to be back home no later than 6:20)
And no, I do NOT like to walk in the dark.
The other day I was sure I saw a huge snake coiled up in the middle of the road. It was just barely light out, so I turned around and walked around the block. Ok, I was just starting my walk, so it was just a slightly altered route.
Well, on the way back I decided I would go back and see if that big old snake was still lying there. And it was, only it wasn't a snake... it was a dead owl. But the coloring and pattern I saw in the pre-dawn semi-darkness was enough to send me down a different road.
The other morning I decided to take some pictures of the road I walk, and the moonlight was incredible. But that picture didn't turn out so well, so I turned around and got an amazing sunrise!

Beautiful sunrise, but still a little dark for my walk (this was at the beginning of my walk).

We will be leaving for vacation on Saturday and will be gone about a week. It will be difficult to stay on track and eat well, but I've decided to enjoy vacation, eat sensibly and even enjoy a bit of my favorite Fast Food (none of that where I live, thank goodness!).  I'll try to track what I eat, even if I don't calculate all the calories, just to stay accountable. We will be on the road quite a bit, so exercising is going to be a challenge too . And I don't think I'll weigh while we're gone. 

I'll try to post again before we leave.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Casey, have a wonderful vacation. Take the time to enjoy yourself above everything else. It's rare to have the opportunity to recharge the ole' battery so don't stress about the weight. Hope you get tons of skies like the photo above. Be safe.

  2. Hey Casey, have a great trip. The best you can do is to try to plan ahead and incorporate some clean eating and daily fitness. Cheers, Rick

  3. You have the most awesome vacation. Enjoy, relax, take care and be good. You know what you can do and can't and if you cheat now, be gone later. Vacations just don't happen often enough. Take care and God Bless!!

  4. I'm a new reader:) Have a wonderful vacation!! I could sure use one of those right now to get away from all the snow :) I can't wait until it's nice out so I can start exercising outside!