Sunday, October 31, 2010

A mini goal for the next week

Today we had game day with my Sunday School class – I teach second graders!
We played games and had chipa and ice cream!
Not such great choices! :(

My mini-goal for the week is to have one serving of oatmeal, and at least one carrot and one orange a day. A nutritionist told me that this would help lower my cholesterol. I've never tried this - so, this week I will.

I'm weighing in tomorrow morning, and hopefully will have more time to write down  some of the things that have been running loose inside my brain!
Here's to a great week!

Food and beverages

1 bowl oatmeal with milk and sweetener and a bit of bran sprinkled on top
4 chipa
¾ cup of ice cream
1 sausage link
1 wrap, soft tortilla w/ 1 tsp mayo, 3 small pieces of chicken breast (no skin), 1 cup salad
3/4 cup ratatouille
1 cup coke zero
1 cup roasted peanuts – no salt

7 glasses

40 minute walk

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Food and beverages

1 cup coffee with 1 tsp creamer
1 bowl oatmeal with milk and sweetener and a bit of bran sprinkled on top
8 whole wheat crackers
4 slices of deli meat (beef)
1 glass of coke zero
1 ½ cups of lagagna
1 cup shredded cucumber w/ 1 ½ tsp light ranch dressing
3 bananas
1 wrap, soft tortilla, chicken, low-fat cheese and tomato
½ cup yougurt, low fat, no sugar
½ glass of coke zero
2 small squares of light milk chocolate
* 9 glasses of water

35 minutes Walk the Pounds away with Leslie Sansone

* Edited to add that I in fact did drink water on Saturday! (Thanks, Ann!)

Friday, October 29, 2010

South of the Equator!

Yup! That's where I live. Literally!
It was so stinking hot here today! The only time I was not sweating was at night, but only because we had the A/C on!
What is hot? 43º C (109ºF)
Then we are also plagued with a drought (third year of insufficient rains here), and it gets so dusty.
I'm gonna grab a shower - again!

Food and beverages

1 cup coffee with 1 tsp creamer
1 bowl oatmeal with milk and sweetener and a bit of bran sprinkled on top
1 chipa    *
1 wrap (soft tortilla) with light mayo, deli meat, low fat cheese, lettuce and tomato
8 whole wheat crackers, 1 slice low fat cheese, 2 slices deli meat
Lots of watermelon!
½ cup of ice cream
9 glasses of water


*   Chipá, chipa or chipita are some of the names by which is known a variety of breads made with manioc or corn flour, typical of Paraguay and some nearby regions of Argentina and Brazil (the Brazilian version, although not exactly the same, but very similar, it is called in Portuguese pão de queijo or cheese bread).
The most frequent variety is made with manioc starch, milk, cheese, eggs butter or oil, from which are formed little balls of 3 centimeters of diameter. The lightness of the manioc starch, thinly milled, gives it a special texture and allows the melted cheese master the flavor. Occasionally, anise seeds are added. The cuñape has the same ingredients, but in different proportions.


Casey, still sweatin'!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good Job!

My son Stevie is 5.
He found the 3 kittens who were lost (not just their mittens). It was no big deal to me. We'd have found them eventually! (their meowing usually gives them away!)
About 10 minutes later, he asked me, "Mom you didn't say 'Good job' yet."
I was almost speechless! "I'm sorry, honey. I just forgot! You really did a good job finding those kittens! And I am proud of you! Good job, Stevie!"
All this was really said kind of off hand, because he recently doesn't like me to be too schmoozy with him.
Then he blew me away!
"Thanks Mom, God already whispered "Good job! to me, but I like it when you remember to tell me!"

Amazing lesson to speak my encouragement to others loud and clear!

Food and beverages

1 cup coffee with 1 tsp creamer
1 bowl oatmeal with milk and sweetener and a bit of bran sprinkled on top
5 bananas
1 rice cake
1 piece of white chicken (no skin)
¾ cups mashed potatoes
1 cup cabbage and cucumber salad w/ Italian dressing
1 wrap with baked chicken (white, no skin), light mayo, low fat cheese, lettuce and tomato
8 glasses of water

35 minutes “Walk away the Pounds Express” Leslie Sansone

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A few goals

Don't have a whole lot to write about...
I spent A LOT of time reading other weight loss blogs, and am slowly getting the hang of things here.
I'm amazed at the support given and received in the comments! WOW!
I've had a fairly good day!
One of my main goals is to stop the snacking between meals. And although I have had some food between meals, it has been either fruit or vegetables. So that is good!
I'll have to do a post on my goals soon!
Here's a few:
  • bend over effortlessly
  • give myself a pedicure without cutting off my air supply
  • not having to buy "fat-lady" clothes
  • first weight loss goal : lose 10%, that would be 27.9 lbs

And there are many more!

Food and Beverages:
1 cup coffee with 1 tsp creamer
1 bowl oatmeal with milk and sweetener
2 bananas
1 tortilla wrap with light mayo, deli smoked beef, cheese, lettuce and tomato
1 chocolate roll (99 calories)
2 glass light orange juice
8 grapes
2 bananas
1 tortilla wrap with light mayo, deli smoked beef, cheese, lettuce and tomato
6 water

12 minutes light exercises

* Edited to add that after signig off, I did crunches!
   50 regular, 50 left and 50 right
   And 40 leg lifts (each leg)
   I actually got out of bed to do them!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No to the Chocolate Chip Cookie

I've been thinking about, "Wouldn't it be neat to go a year into the future and see if I made it?" Yeah, right! The thing is, it does not depend on anyone but ME if I do "make it" or not!
So here I am looking to the past two days and saying - "Yeah, I made it! And I can do one more! And then one more!"
Today was a little more difficult to resist the chocolate chip cookies, but this afternoon, when I was craving them, I decided that I would save it for supper, and then not feel bad eating one cookie. At suppertime I was more than happy to eat my vegetable soup and a roll. No cookie! Ha!
So what did I eat?

Food and Beverages
1 cup coffee with 1 tsp creamer
1 pink grapefruit
1 carrot           
3.5 cheese rolls - about 80 cal. each
2 cups beef vegetable soup
8 water
2 small nectarines
1 small peach
1 mandarine
1 ½ cup vegetable soup
1 whole wheat roll with cheese and tomato

45 minute walk (with a 15 minute break half way)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Beginnings

279 lbs!!!!!!!
  • I have 4 children and I weigh more now than I ever did pregnant!
  • A few months ago, I got rid of my old dial scale and bought a new digital scale. I love the accuracy, but hate those numbers!
  • The scale does not define who I am, and should not define how I feel, but it does, oh, it does!
  • I knew that I had been gaining the last few months, but I could not find the "GO" button.
  • Last week after spending months reading weight-loss blogs (but never commenting, thus never committing), I finally decided to start a blog.
  • Today is DAY 1 - because it's Monday! : )
  • I really like the idea of not being on a diet, but rather is changing my eating habits and lifestyle (from sedentary to active).
  • I plan to track my exercise and eating here, plus my random thoughts and feelings along this journey.
  • I firmly believe that I am loved by God no matter what I look like.
  • But I have come to realize that food has become more important to me than my relationship with Him. I'd like to get back to my "first love". And that could be a whole other blog!! I have read a few books by Christian authors about eating disorders, eating habits, etc, and I will probably be sharing thoughts and/or quotes from these authors.
  • I'm not going to be counting calories in the beginning (maybe never!), I cook and bake pretty much everything from scratch, have only a few recipes that I really follow (otherwise "a little of this and a pinch of that"). And I don't want to be so "into" the tracking and calorie counting that I neglect my family.
  • Keeping track of what I eat seems a little daunting right now, but most, if not all, blogs I've read do so, and recommend it. And it's already been proven that you can gain weight by NOT tracking anything!: )
  • About exercise: I'm a Stay-at-Home-Mom of 4 children, ages 10 to 3, and we have a "Farmette", with a few cows and chickens, horses, goats and sheep, so I do a bit of running around during the day. I've also participated in an exercise class (once a week for 45 minutes) for the last two years. All this has not helped me to lose weight though (well, that's because I still eat!) Anyway, all that to say, I will only be recording the "real" exercises that I do.

Food and Beverages:
7 glasses of water
1 cup of Coffee with 1 tsp creamer
1 pink Grapefruit
2 whole wheat crackers
3 small bananas
3/4 cups of fat-free, no sugar added yougurt
1 small piece of cornbread
8 slices of cucumber
4 medium tomatoes
1 slice of Roast Beef
4 bites of low-fat pecan pie
1 whole wheat roll with 1 slice of cheese

45 minutes of cardio (exercise class)


First Post

So, after reading a  lot of  blogs, I've decided to take the plunge into the world of blogging!
Another weight loss blog!
Why Casey's 279?
Well, Casey is my pen name! : )
And 279 is the amount of pounds I put on the scale! : (
I really don't know where to start with blogging - I'll probably be journaling my struggles and victories, posting my weight and measurements, and what I've eaten.
I'm hoping to post daily entries, weekly weigh-ins and monthly pictures.
I'm looking for encouragement and accountability, and plan to give it, too.
Looking forward to the journey!