Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A few goals

Don't have a whole lot to write about...
I spent A LOT of time reading other weight loss blogs, and am slowly getting the hang of things here.
I'm amazed at the support given and received in the comments! WOW!
I've had a fairly good day!
One of my main goals is to stop the snacking between meals. And although I have had some food between meals, it has been either fruit or vegetables. So that is good!
I'll have to do a post on my goals soon!
Here's a few:
  • bend over effortlessly
  • give myself a pedicure without cutting off my air supply
  • not having to buy "fat-lady" clothes
  • first weight loss goal : lose 10%, that would be 27.9 lbs

And there are many more!

Food and Beverages:
1 cup coffee with 1 tsp creamer
1 bowl oatmeal with milk and sweetener
2 bananas
1 tortilla wrap with light mayo, deli smoked beef, cheese, lettuce and tomato
1 chocolate roll (99 calories)
2 glass light orange juice
8 grapes
2 bananas
1 tortilla wrap with light mayo, deli smoked beef, cheese, lettuce and tomato
6 water

12 minutes light exercises

* Edited to add that after signig off, I did crunches!
   50 regular, 50 left and 50 right
   And 40 leg lifts (each leg)
   I actually got out of bed to do them!


  1. Bend over effortlessly..(hmmm I can't do that either) ~ I hear ya there girlfriend ....

  2. Sounds like a productive day. I usually always need to update my exercise. I don't always get much in. But I should try crunches. After having babies I'll need a miracle to ever have a flat firm belly again

  3. I can totally relate with the pedicure situation hehe. thanks for the follow :) welcome and will def. be cheering you on!

  4. Great food choices!I love your goals. :) And man oh man can I relate to the "not having to buy fat lady clothes." I can't wait!! Can't wait to follow your journey. :)