Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No to the Chocolate Chip Cookie

I've been thinking about, "Wouldn't it be neat to go a year into the future and see if I made it?" Yeah, right! The thing is, it does not depend on anyone but ME if I do "make it" or not!
So here I am looking to the past two days and saying - "Yeah, I made it! And I can do one more! And then one more!"
Today was a little more difficult to resist the chocolate chip cookies, but this afternoon, when I was craving them, I decided that I would save it for supper, and then not feel bad eating one cookie. At suppertime I was more than happy to eat my vegetable soup and a roll. No cookie! Ha!
So what did I eat?

Food and Beverages
1 cup coffee with 1 tsp creamer
1 pink grapefruit
1 carrot           
3.5 cheese rolls - about 80 cal. each
2 cups beef vegetable soup
8 water
2 small nectarines
1 small peach
1 mandarine
1 ½ cup vegetable soup
1 whole wheat roll with cheese and tomato

45 minute walk (with a 15 minute break half way)


  1. looks good ~ make sure you're taking in enough calories or your body will hoard them ...Cookies hmmmmmm get them out of your home... Out of site .. out of mind...

  2. I'm proud of you! B

  3. I agree with TaDa... the food that is tempting is best to not have in the house. Get only healthy snacks, fruits and veggies.. it will really help when you're making those food choices! :)


  4. Fantastic job on postponing, and later kicking that craving to the curb!

    Welcome to Blogland, Casey!

    Good advice, Margene - and she should know, look at her thin self, almost to goal weight!