Saturday, October 30, 2010


Food and beverages

1 cup coffee with 1 tsp creamer
1 bowl oatmeal with milk and sweetener and a bit of bran sprinkled on top
8 whole wheat crackers
4 slices of deli meat (beef)
1 glass of coke zero
1 ½ cups of lagagna
1 cup shredded cucumber w/ 1 ½ tsp light ranch dressing
3 bananas
1 wrap, soft tortilla, chicken, low-fat cheese and tomato
½ cup yougurt, low fat, no sugar
½ glass of coke zero
2 small squares of light milk chocolate
* 9 glasses of water

35 minutes Walk the Pounds away with Leslie Sansone

* Edited to add that I in fact did drink water on Saturday! (Thanks, Ann!)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Casey ~ just checking on your progress!

    I see you drink Coke Zero. How much water did you have on Saturday?

    Does Leslie Sansone have something you can listen to WHILE walking outdoors (as opposed to DVD for inside the house)? I went hunting yesterday for such a CD or tape, but found nothing.

    How far south are you located? I was dreaming of Colombian arepas the other evening - can you tell I'm on a diet?! LOL (I'm a big fan of San Salvador's pupusas too.)

    Your exercise is excellent, and your diet looks appetizing to me! Keep up the good work.