Friday, October 29, 2010

South of the Equator!

Yup! That's where I live. Literally!
It was so stinking hot here today! The only time I was not sweating was at night, but only because we had the A/C on!
What is hot? 43º C (109ºF)
Then we are also plagued with a drought (third year of insufficient rains here), and it gets so dusty.
I'm gonna grab a shower - again!

Food and beverages

1 cup coffee with 1 tsp creamer
1 bowl oatmeal with milk and sweetener and a bit of bran sprinkled on top
1 chipa    *
1 wrap (soft tortilla) with light mayo, deli meat, low fat cheese, lettuce and tomato
8 whole wheat crackers, 1 slice low fat cheese, 2 slices deli meat
Lots of watermelon!
½ cup of ice cream
9 glasses of water


*   Chipá, chipa or chipita are some of the names by which is known a variety of breads made with manioc or corn flour, typical of Paraguay and some nearby regions of Argentina and Brazil (the Brazilian version, although not exactly the same, but very similar, it is called in Portuguese pão de queijo or cheese bread).
The most frequent variety is made with manioc starch, milk, cheese, eggs butter or oil, from which are formed little balls of 3 centimeters of diameter. The lightness of the manioc starch, thinly milled, gives it a special texture and allows the melted cheese master the flavor. Occasionally, anise seeds are added. The cuñape has the same ingredients, but in different proportions.


Casey, still sweatin'!

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