Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Progress Report!

My camera is back, and working! This is the second time they've had to replace the lens, and both times have been over Christmas!
Well, I took my progress pictures and someone please tell me that I'll be glad I did them later on, because I'm just not seeing ANYTHING!
I've lost 20 lbs and quite a few inches and I can't see it at all.
Noone can. My mom says she can, because I show her how baggy my pants are getting.

I heard soomeone say that  50lbs lost is when people started noticing the loss on her, and she was about my weight when she started her weight loss journey.

I know I shouldn't be so concerned about the fact that noone notices my efforts.

And the benifits I've been rewarded with for my hard work have been well worth the effort.

- No more heartburn! I had daily heartburn and was always popping an antacid into my mouth. No more!
- Bending over is not as difficult anymore. Still not easy, but not as bad.
- I feel so much better, physically. There are still quite a few things I can't do with ease, but they don't seem so impossible anymore.
- I actually enjoy doing the C25K program. I never thought I could jog/run. But I can, and I do! Week 4 is well under way!
- My size 22 pants are being worn regularly now and some of my larger pants have been put to rest. I will be donating a box to Goodwill soon!

Ok, and now to my progress report. First the measurements:

                        10/25/10          11/24/10          12/28/10
Height             5’7”
Weight            279 lbs             266 lbs             258 lbs
BMI                43.7                 41.8                 40.4

Waist               49”                  48”                  46”
Bust                 52”                  49.75”             49.5”
Hips                 57”                  55.5”               54.5”
Arms               18”                  15”                  15”
Thighs             29.5”               28.5”               28”
Neck                                       16”                  16”     
Calves                                     18”                  17”

I am quite content with these numbers and I will be working hard to reduce them some more!

And now for the pictures:


And that's all for now!


Monday, December 27, 2010

After Christmas Weigh In

How many of you have taken down your Christmas Trees? Am I the only one???
Since my cleaning lady came today, I decided to go ahead and take down the Christmas tree and all the decorations. If she had come another day, it probably still would have got taken down today. :)
I enjoy Christmas, but by the time Boxing Day is over, I'm just ready to be done.
On another note:
I haven't taken my picture update yet (which was due on the 25th, for all you people keeping track), because my camara was in the shop - over Christmas, of all times! Well, I got a call this morning that my camera is fixed and I can pick it up whenever. So once I get myself into town, I'll do that and my pictures will be soon to follow.
Well, I wasn't expecting to lose any weight this week, and was kinda expecting a slight gain.
But in the spirit of giving good cheer at Christmastime my scale showed me this
259.4 lbs
That is a slight lossfrom last weeks weigh-in. 0.4 lbs to be exact. And that's ok! For one, because it's my TOM and becauses I weighed in daily, just to be keeping myself on my toes, and I had already been down to 256 lbs before two Christmas dinners.
I am planning on leaving morbid obesity at my second weigh-in of the new year. (255lbs)
Getting my list of Goals for 2011 ready. What are yours??

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Decisions about Christmas

The past few weeks (almost 2 months actually) have gone by pretty fast.

If I hadn't started my weight loss journey 2 months ago, I would probably still weigh 279 lbs (or more). Looking back, I wish I had started sooner, because I'd weigh less, but I am SO glad I started when I did and no later.

The decision to lose weight has been made, and it stands! Regardless!

I have been making wise food choices the last 9 weeks, I have been been tracking my food intake regularly (I have missed some days, but not even enough to call it semi-regularly). I've been faithful to exercise 30 minutes or more at least 3 times and up to 6 times a week.

My decision stands. Period.

I will not let Christmas be an excuse to eat poorly or neglect my body. I know that I can find the time to exercise. I know it will be hard, I know there will be temptations at every Family Gathering we attend. I even know that I may "screw up" a time or two. But Christmas will not be my excuse to overeat. If I do overeat or go off track, it will be because I made that decision.
And I will not blame Christmas.
And I will get back on track.

If anything, my love for Christ and my desire to honor Him with my body should keep me from going for seconds or being too lazy to go for a walk.

Ok, my decision has been made.
I am ready to enjoy Christmas.
What about you?


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The forgotten weigh in!

I can't believe I forgot to post my weigh-in!
259.8 lbs is what the scale showed me yesterday morning.
That's not a big downward movement, but it is not an upward one. :)

Last night was a Christmas Dinner with my husbands employees. I knew what was coming, but for some reason did not calculate for it. So there were some not so good choices eaten there, but not overeaten.
Today, I'm going to be remembering that we have another dinner to go to tonight. I pretty much know what will be served, so I'll be prepared.
Have a great day

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The good and the bad!

I’ve sat at the computer every day for the last few months. And these past few weeks I’ve been trying to think of something funny, witty, spectacular, deep, entertaining or even just slightly interesting to say, and I haven’t found it.
I think that’s why it took me so long to even start blogging. I keep thinking that I need to write something great for my readers and if I don’t, why should I even write.
Now I’ve noticed something about myself recently, I don’t know if it’s just me. I don't know why I do this. But it’s bothering me.
Any time I start to do something – right now, it’s the weight loss thing – I imagine myself telling people about how I did it. Oh no, not a one-on-one kind of thing. As a speaker. Now, I have done a little bit of public speaking at a few ladies meetings, so I’m not really afraid of it anymore. What bugs me is that whenever I think of my future success at anything, I’m always thinking of publicly speaking about it. I know, weird!
Most people are terrified of public speaking and I’m going around thinking about how to say something that will resonate with my audience.
Which brings me back to my first point – I don’t know what to blog about because I think it all has to be about success and “doing good”.
One of the things I’ve learnt about reading other weight loss blogs is that most of you write about “the good, the bad and the ugly”. You people are honest. I like that. I appreciate that. I’d like to be that.
So, here’s a few honest ups and downs.
This week has for the most part been pretty good. Monday was a weigh in and I was happy that the numbers on the scale went down.
Wednesday we had a cookie baking day at my mom’s house.Mom, my younger sister and I each had prepared 4 different cookie doughs to be rolled, baked and (some) frosted that day. It was a lot of fun and I sampled 3 cookies (usually just a bite and not a whole cookie). 
Our kids sure had a great time. After baking and divvying up the cookies we went swimming at my brother-in-law’s place. Since we’ve had a “cold spell”, the water was quite cold, but the kids and mom got in anyway – I couldn’t find my bathing suit!
Today it’s back to the 100ºF’s.
Yesterday morning I did Day 1 of the C25K week 3. I did it! The first few weeks of doing this were so hard. I think I was jogging faster though. I jog really slowly now. But I feel the burn! And I look forward to the challenge. I think I may even get to week 4 in a week (I’ve usually been doing each week for 2 weeks).
Last night my husband and I had our old disagreement about wants and needs. I was so upset, not at him, but at the circumstances. I want  kitchen cupboards and he wants to stay out of debt. Yeah, his way is better, and my arguments are really convincing, but… we really do want to live debt free, and we do have car payments to make (which are actually our only payments).  All this to say, I was upset and decided I was going to fulfill a want, right now. And that want was pizza and chocolate.
Yes, it was still way to many calories, but I put pizza sauce, low fat cheese and thin salami slices between two soft tacos and baked it for a few minutes (hope no one just started a craving just now). Then I sliced up a banana and drizzled some melted chocolate and sprinkled some slivered almonds over it. Yum!
So, while it was not the best choice, it was also not the worst it could have been. And no it didn’t make me feel better, but that’s what happened.  That was the bad!
Now a good!
I had been thinking about blogging a "pants progress" post like Ann does, I even had my size 22 pants out and did try them on twice but never did post about it – way to sad! Today, as I was looking for my sweet size 24W jeans, I saw the 22’s sitting there looking at me, challenging me. So I took them out, shook them out and decided again, I am not going to get these babies on. While they were towards the hip area, I thought, I’d better stop, but no, last time I could pull them all the way up, so I pulled them all the way up, then I lay down on my bed to zip them up. Since they’re strechy, it wasn’t hard to get off the bed. But you know what the fun part is? That was three hours ago, and I’m still wearing them. I don’t think I’ll ever take them off. They are snug, but not uncomfortably so. I even went out in public! Just put the long shirt over!
Gotta go find my size 20’s  now!

A cicada my son found outside, taking off her old clothes. Isn't she a beautiful green!

Next post and weigh-in is Monday. Tonight we’re having a Christmas dinner at my parents ranch with his employee’s and some neighboring ranch friends, Sunday night – a Christmas program at our home church. Monday and Tuesday are business dinners. Four busy nights!
I’ll be sure to post weigh in on Monday, but it may not be much more until maybe Wednesday or later.
Have a great weekend!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Weigh In

Just a quick post with my weigh in for the week!
260 lbs!
Happy that the scale is going in the right direction!
Tracking has become a little tedious...
Couldn't get out for exercise today, I think I might have a bladder infection or something - my lower abdomen is really tender. And I feel really bloated.
I'll be drinking more water before bed yet!
Today the weather was really nice! 21ºC (71ºF) After temperatures in the 40ºC's (100ºF's) it's been a nice change, drastic, but real nice.
Hope you all have a great week!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Off track and on again!

I'm having a hard time coming up with anything to say, so my post will probably be total randomness!

Yesterday, I did not track my food, I did not track my exercise, I did not wear my new pedometer, I did not post anything on my blog. I did not overeat, I did not exercise. I noticed how easy it would have been to go overboard, just by ignoring the things I have faithfully been doing the last few weeks. So, today I'm back to tracking what I eat and I went for a C25K (week 3) this morning. (5:50 to be exact, because it's getting so stinking hot down here!!!)

And here I am, blogging!

Ann asked if I had a rhyme or reason for my weight loss goals, and I do!

262 - was my highest pregnant weight. Totally embarrassed that I got so much heavier than that!
255 - out of the morbidly obese category! Can't wait!
242 - is 110 kg on my kilogramm scale. I'd like to see that number
231 - is 105 on my scale!
220 - is 100 on my scale. Can't wait to be in the double digits on my scale.
210 - no reason, just 10 lbs less than the last goal.
200 - actually, I think I'd rather have that say 199!
191 - no longer obese, just overweight!
187 - another one of my kg goals - 85 to be exact.
179 - down 100 lbs!

The last goal I have seems very far away and alot of the time I just don't think I'll ever make it.
I feel like "This is me, I'm fat and I have no idea how to be a thin person, Cute goal, but be real - I'll never make it."

Yup, I'm not my own best cheerleader.

On another note - I got a haircut today! I like it and would show you a picture, but my camera will be in the shop for a few weeks.

And this afternoon, my niece and I will go for pedicures! Fun!

Hoping for some cooler weather here! Praying for Rain!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pedometer Test #1

Well, today I tested my pretty blue pedometer. I still don't know how that thingy works. Does it have a motion detector??? Because if it does then the road trip we took down some really bumpy dirt roads must have logged at least a few steps too many.
So, today I logged in at 8192 steps. Pretty cool, eh?  At noon I didn't think I'd get that far.
Here's to more steps tomorrow!
Thanks again, D!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

Guess who's getting a pedicure?!?!?!
Yeah! My Weigh in today was 261.8!
My first mini-goal accomplished and I'm going to call for a pedicure appointment tomorrow. I'm going to take my niece with me, while my sister takes all my kiddos swimming.

Another wild and wonderful thing happened. My beautiful sister in Canada sent me a pedometer! Wow! How did she know??? Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm sure I could probably find them in the Big City (5 hours away), but I wouldn't know where to look, as the only thing I was ever interested in when we went to the City was the food court at the mall! How things change!

On the not so good side... My three year old dropped my camera. I was just getting into the picture taking groove. I know the repairs will be costly, but hopefully they'll be able to fix it.

On to my next mini-goal: 255 lbs and out of the morbidly obese zone!

Thanks for all your blogs, I read faithfully, but don't comment as often as I'd like to. And thank you for all your kind and encouraging comments. You keep me accountable, people!

I made this for my sister, for her birthday. We were in a Bible Study together this year and we studied Phillipians.
Hugs to all,

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday, what a day!

I got up at 5:10 this morning and put my walking shoes on!

I took a different route today, because I knew the roads would be deserted. I actually had a paved sidewalk for about half of my walk. Nice. Don't have to worry about potholes and sandy patches.

And I did the C25K Week 2 Day 3!

Since I decided to "run" at my own pace, I can do the whole thing. I've got this little OCD thing I do when I run. I count to 20 four times. Then I count down from twenty. And I'm usually done before I hit "Blast off!" (I run for 90 seconds in the second week) Fun!

Felt really good, and I beat the heat! It was 30º C (86ºF) this morning when I got up. And it's about 39ºC (102ºF) now. So it's a little cooler than it was yesterday. I think it must have gone up to 42ºC (107ºF) yesterday. And I know some days we will probably get up to 44ºC (112ºF) this summer. By the way, these temperatures are measured in the shade, not out in the sunshine. And yes, you can actually fry an egg on the sidewalk. My SIL tried it once, but didn't eat it.

I finally made Roasted Vegetables today. YUM! I added potatoes because the kids said they wouldn't eat it otherwise. Since my meal was meatless (the others got some, but I chose not to), I put some light cheese over my serving. It was good!



Dessert was watermelon. One of the best things about summer!

I probably won't write again until Monday. I'm tracking my food and exercise and will post my weigh in then!

Have a fantastic weekend!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday's thoughts

Lot's happening in my little corner of the world, and no time to write about it!
I thought I'd share a few pictures of what I´ve been seeing here in the last few weeks.
This beautiful flower is called the "Queen of the Night" because she blooms at night and you can only see her in the early morning. She also announces rain, which is another reason we love this flower.

This little beauty was born on our "farmette" last month. Isn't he a charmer?
In other news:
I organized an English Christmas Program that ran without a hitch (well, the hitch was that my co-organizer got sick and couldn't help with the last day things-to-do).
I may need to explain why I say English program.
I live in a German-speaking Community, in a Spanish-speaking country.
The Germans also speak a dialect called Plautdietsch or low-German.
The Spanish also speak in a native language called Guaraní.
Since my family spent many years in Canada - we speak English.
And since there are quite a few people here that are from either the States or Canada or speak English as a second language (or fourth), we decided to do a Christmas Program.
All that to say...it was worth it. Fun. Food. Fellowship. And I only indulged in the fun and fellowship part! And clean-up!

And today - Still eating right, still walking!
                 - C25K week 2 day 2

Oh, and I think I may need to make an appointment for my pedicure!