Friday, December 10, 2010

Off track and on again!

I'm having a hard time coming up with anything to say, so my post will probably be total randomness!

Yesterday, I did not track my food, I did not track my exercise, I did not wear my new pedometer, I did not post anything on my blog. I did not overeat, I did not exercise. I noticed how easy it would have been to go overboard, just by ignoring the things I have faithfully been doing the last few weeks. So, today I'm back to tracking what I eat and I went for a C25K (week 3) this morning. (5:50 to be exact, because it's getting so stinking hot down here!!!)

And here I am, blogging!

Ann asked if I had a rhyme or reason for my weight loss goals, and I do!

262 - was my highest pregnant weight. Totally embarrassed that I got so much heavier than that!
255 - out of the morbidly obese category! Can't wait!
242 - is 110 kg on my kilogramm scale. I'd like to see that number
231 - is 105 on my scale!
220 - is 100 on my scale. Can't wait to be in the double digits on my scale.
210 - no reason, just 10 lbs less than the last goal.
200 - actually, I think I'd rather have that say 199!
191 - no longer obese, just overweight!
187 - another one of my kg goals - 85 to be exact.
179 - down 100 lbs!

The last goal I have seems very far away and alot of the time I just don't think I'll ever make it.
I feel like "This is me, I'm fat and I have no idea how to be a thin person, Cute goal, but be real - I'll never make it."

Yup, I'm not my own best cheerleader.

On another note - I got a haircut today! I like it and would show you a picture, but my camera will be in the shop for a few weeks.

And this afternoon, my niece and I will go for pedicures! Fun!

Hoping for some cooler weather here! Praying for Rain!



  1. OH, now I understand the goals. Everyone comes up with something different, and meaningful to them. Excellent, Casey!

    I am with you on the "out of morbid obesity," I can't wait either! I want your headline that day to read: NO LONGER MOBIDLY OBESE ... it'll be here before you know it. I originally hoped to be out of that category by my mid-January doctor appt. Then, Allan (SSDDDY challenge coordinator) said I'd be BELOW that by January 1st, if I follow this third challenge closely. SO, now my expectations are to drop morbid obesity before 2010 comes to its conclusion!! That would be something! Anyway, I am going to celebrate like crazy when you get out of that category. It will be memorable for you, and significant to your health improvement.

    Yes, go ahead and change that 200 to read 199 instead. I mean, seriously, no more two's!!

    I know 100 lbs seems a long way off, and a lot to lose, but you CAN get there. On December 17, 2009 - 51 weeks ago - I needed to lose 182 lbs. Today, I need to lose 110 lbs., and that is only putting in 5 months of real effort. I hope by next year, at this time, I will be at (or very near) goal weight. I know you can do this.

    Look at how far you've come already! You are not even two months into the journey, and are already knocking on the door of the 250s! Really well done!

    Keep up the good work, Casey. And thanks for your continue encouragement and well wishes!

  2. This is not easy... I KNOW.. but stick with it... you are doing great ! I am just climbing down to 210 .... AND IT IS NO LONG a weight loss for me but A must do to health issues..

  3. You will make it, and before you know it! Just stay positive and keep doing what works for you and when you step on the scale and you see 85kg go to the mirror smile or laugh do whatever just be happy that you accomplished what you set out to do. You can do it!