Monday, December 27, 2010

After Christmas Weigh In

How many of you have taken down your Christmas Trees? Am I the only one???
Since my cleaning lady came today, I decided to go ahead and take down the Christmas tree and all the decorations. If she had come another day, it probably still would have got taken down today. :)
I enjoy Christmas, but by the time Boxing Day is over, I'm just ready to be done.
On another note:
I haven't taken my picture update yet (which was due on the 25th, for all you people keeping track), because my camara was in the shop - over Christmas, of all times! Well, I got a call this morning that my camera is fixed and I can pick it up whenever. So once I get myself into town, I'll do that and my pictures will be soon to follow.
Well, I wasn't expecting to lose any weight this week, and was kinda expecting a slight gain.
But in the spirit of giving good cheer at Christmastime my scale showed me this
259.4 lbs
That is a slight lossfrom last weeks weigh-in. 0.4 lbs to be exact. And that's ok! For one, because it's my TOM and becauses I weighed in daily, just to be keeping myself on my toes, and I had already been down to 256 lbs before two Christmas dinners.
I am planning on leaving morbid obesity at my second weigh-in of the new year. (255lbs)
Getting my list of Goals for 2011 ready. What are yours??

1 comment:

  1. Yay for your loss... no matter the size, it's always good!
    Our tree is still up, but we just got home from being out of town. I can relate to getting it all down and taken care of and checked off the list, though.
    Still working on my goals for 2011.
    We are gonna rock next year, right?
    Happy New Year!