Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Progress Report!

My camera is back, and working! This is the second time they've had to replace the lens, and both times have been over Christmas!
Well, I took my progress pictures and someone please tell me that I'll be glad I did them later on, because I'm just not seeing ANYTHING!
I've lost 20 lbs and quite a few inches and I can't see it at all.
Noone can. My mom says she can, because I show her how baggy my pants are getting.

I heard soomeone say that  50lbs lost is when people started noticing the loss on her, and she was about my weight when she started her weight loss journey.

I know I shouldn't be so concerned about the fact that noone notices my efforts.

And the benifits I've been rewarded with for my hard work have been well worth the effort.

- No more heartburn! I had daily heartburn and was always popping an antacid into my mouth. No more!
- Bending over is not as difficult anymore. Still not easy, but not as bad.
- I feel so much better, physically. There are still quite a few things I can't do with ease, but they don't seem so impossible anymore.
- I actually enjoy doing the C25K program. I never thought I could jog/run. But I can, and I do! Week 4 is well under way!
- My size 22 pants are being worn regularly now and some of my larger pants have been put to rest. I will be donating a box to Goodwill soon!

Ok, and now to my progress report. First the measurements:

                        10/25/10          11/24/10          12/28/10
Height             5’7”
Weight            279 lbs             266 lbs             258 lbs
BMI                43.7                 41.8                 40.4

Waist               49”                  48”                  46”
Bust                 52”                  49.75”             49.5”
Hips                 57”                  55.5”               54.5”
Arms               18”                  15”                  15”
Thighs             29.5”               28.5”               28”
Neck                                       16”                  16”     
Calves                                     18”                  17”

I am quite content with these numbers and I will be working hard to reduce them some more!

And now for the pictures:


And that's all for now!



  1. You have lost a lot of inches and weight! You are doing fantastic. I think it was around 50 lbs. when it really started showing for me, too. Keep up the good work! I do like to go back and look at my progress pictures now- eventually you will see HUGE differences!

  2. Congratulations on 20 lbs GONE! That is 10 lbs a month, Casey, a very good clip.

    I had to lose A LOT of weight before the first person even sort of kind of maybe noticed. LOL Give it another month or two, and it will become obvious to even the casual observer.

    I read with great interest your size/measurements today! AWESOME progress. My hips are preventing me from enjoying my old size 24 jeans just yet, but it won't be long. You are an inch taller than me, so we're not too different in size, just shape.

    Since you are regularly wearing 22s now, I think I will purchase a size 24 (modern pants). They may actually fit me comfortably. My old 24 jeans are the old-sizing (probably closer to 22s of today??) ... I think I'll give it a go, and buy a size 24 today, just based on how well YOU are doing! hahaha How is that for confidence in you?

    Keep up the great work you've been doing! I think 2011 is definitely going to be the year for you! xx

  3. Casey, congratulations are in order for the progresses you ARE seeing. And as for the physical aspect, I must tell you that I began the 30 Day Shred 3 weeks ago and am up to using 5 pound weights in my workouts.....and I've actually gained inches according to my measurements. I am stronger though, and that is what I'm going to use to keep me going. Frustrating when things don't always go as planned but eventually we will be so glad when we DO see the changes we want....and we will!!

  4. Congratulations on your accomplishments! I remember my first 50 lbs lost..it took about that long before someone would say something...some of that I think is that some people are hesitant to come up to a really overweight person and ask them if they are losing weight...So, they may be waiting until its blatantly obvious before asking...Kindof like the awkwardness you feel when you ask someone when they are due & they aren't pregnant =X

    (new follower here)