Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday's thoughts

Lot's happening in my little corner of the world, and no time to write about it!
I thought I'd share a few pictures of what I´ve been seeing here in the last few weeks.
This beautiful flower is called the "Queen of the Night" because she blooms at night and you can only see her in the early morning. She also announces rain, which is another reason we love this flower.

This little beauty was born on our "farmette" last month. Isn't he a charmer?
In other news:
I organized an English Christmas Program that ran without a hitch (well, the hitch was that my co-organizer got sick and couldn't help with the last day things-to-do).
I may need to explain why I say English program.
I live in a German-speaking Community, in a Spanish-speaking country.
The Germans also speak a dialect called Plautdietsch or low-German.
The Spanish also speak in a native language called Guaraní.
Since my family spent many years in Canada - we speak English.
And since there are quite a few people here that are from either the States or Canada or speak English as a second language (or fourth), we decided to do a Christmas Program.
All that to was worth it. Fun. Food. Fellowship. And I only indulged in the fun and fellowship part! And clean-up!

And today - Still eating right, still walking!
                 - C25K week 2 day 2

Oh, and I think I may need to make an appointment for my pedicure!



  1. Beautiful pictures! I'd love to hear more about where you live!

  2. Sounds like you live in an interesting place!

    Thanks for stopping by Cook Clean Craft. I can email the transport templates to you - just send me an email to CookCleanCraft AT gmail DOT com (your email isn't on your blogger profile)).

    Good luck with your weight loss journey. Looks like you're off to a great start!