Monday, January 3, 2011

Weigh In Results Week 10

Well this year has started - And the one thing that I keep starting and leaving is my blog!

I don't have alot of time to sit and write at the moment either, but I am preparing a post on some of the things I am thinking through and pondering - should be long but not really that interesting if you're not me! :)

I did want to post my weigh in for this week though
256.6 lbs

That is a 2.8lbs loss and while I hoped I'd reach my next goal of 255 (and out of morbid obesity), I'm sure I'll get there this coming week. And I'm happy with the scale, even though I haven't been that great at tracking my food choices.

I have been exercising regularly, and I think that has been the only reason I didn't gain instead of lose.

And last time I posted some update photos and said I couldn't see any loss.
Well, here's the comparison of my side view - my most unflattering of the three poses I take for the pictures.

And yes, I can see a difference! Can you?


  1. Yes, I certainly CAN see a difference. So glad that you're capturing your progress on film. Great job!!

  2. No doubt Casey... you are shrinking away! Woo Hoo! Those efforts are paying off. Good for you! :)


  3. You can definitely see a difference! Way to go, Casey!!

  4. You're doing a great job! slowly but surely, I can see you advancing from one goal to the next. happy for you!