Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tomorrow will be day 19!

This is day 18.
Something I noticed when I sat down to track my food for the day.
š    No vegetables and only 2 bananas as my fruit. My excuse is that I need to go shopping, and they will have fresh fruit and vegetables tomorrow morning. We only get fresh fruit and vegetables on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and I try to shop only once a week. So tomorrow is shopping day and I will stock up. I probably need to shop for produce twice a week though,  At least if I want to continue to eat the fresh stuff! My Husband LOVES fresh vegetables. If I don’t make a salad,  I often have some homemade pickled cucumbers or cabbage instead. He’ll usually go and see if there is something “raw” in the fridge. Sometimes he’ll even just munch on a quarter of a cabbage head. Very thankful that most of our kids love fresh veggies, too. Because it looks like I’d forget them otherwise! L
š    Today, as I was on my walk, I just felt like quitting. I was discouraged about other things, and I got to thinking how long this was going to take and I just felt like it isn’t worth it. This kind of thinking has got to stop! And I will tell myself this daily if I need to!
š    I’ve been going back on Christine’s blog from the beginning and just started crying when I realized that she had some of the same struggles I do. Thanks Christine, for persevering! You’ve been such an encouragement!
š    Tomorrow is day 19. It is not day 1. I am not starting over, I am continuing. I may make bad choices along the way, but I am on the way – to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Food and Beverages
3 Coffee with creamer (throughout the day)
1 serving Oatmeal with bran and sweetener
2 bananas
1/2 piece of light chocolate
4 chipa
1 glass of coke zero
½ a chicken breast (boiled)
3 small bowls of chicken noodle soup (1 for lunch, 2 for supper)

9 glasses

50 minute walk

30 Crunches
30 Reverse Crunches
30 Bicycle Crunches
30 pelvic lifts 
30  Half-Push ups
30 Tricep Kickbacks
30 Hammer Curls
30 more hammer curls



  1. You are so sweet, to read those words about me are absolutely what I NEEDED to hear...THANK YOU!!!

    I am blessed!!!

    I love that you are so open and honest with what is going on within......and you are so right, even when we have a bad day or two or three in a row it doesn't eliminate all the days in a row we had of good choices. As long as we put one foot in front of the other that is what counts!!!

    Blessings to you!!!!

  2. I know that feeling all too well - the best we can do is take every day one at a time. I put off doing the right thing and getting healthy so many times because I dreaded how long it was going to take. In the meantime, I gained (and gained and gained!). I think it's important to realize that it's okay if it takes a while to get to where you want to be, because all that time is time you're investing in yourself. ♥

  3. We've all been there, Casey! It is sometimes difficult to banish those negative thoughts, but you can do it! I refuse to look too far ahead, just exactly for that reason. Instead, I look at the near-term mini goals. Sometimes, I'm just going for that next 10 lbs. They add up, and before you know it, you've made significant progress.

  4. I guess this is a road well traveled but also well feared. Accountability helps so much. You can do it, one day at a time.
    Take care!