Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Day

So excited to read all the initial posts for the E2E challenge.
Friday, my oldest daughter, Nicole (she’s 11), woke up early with bad stomache cramps, fever, diarrhea and vomiting.  I took her  to the ER and they admitted her. (By the way, we have wonderful health care! With the added bonus that my brother-in-law is the hospital administrator, and his wife is a Dr. and she attended  Nicole!) So,  she had an IV in and meds, and she was feeling so much better in morning. I stayed with her most of Friday and was back at the hospital with her the next morning at 5:30). My parents had the other three kids during that time and I am so grateful for them.
Here’s the downside: 
No WiFi, so I couldn’t read blogs, comment or post anything.
The food is prepared with a nutritionist, so I know it’s good, and the serving sizes are reasonable. But I’d much rather be preparing my own meals to begin this challenge.
I had no way of exercising.

Then we hosted a party new years eve, so when Nicole and I got home from the hospital at noon, I was running around getting everything done. Busy, busy!!
New Years Day: Husband out of town for the day L Big Family get together in the afternoon. More food!
I am so glad tomorrow is Monday!
It’s kind of discouraging to not be able to start this challenge running, but I needed to be there for my daughter, and that’s ok. I can’t get into a routine if it’s constantly changing around on me. But  I will not throw in the towel, just because I’m off to a less than ideal start. I’m not going to throw in the towel, because I will need it to wipe the sweat off my face tomorrow!!!!
One thing I know I will have to work on in order for this challenge to work optimally is my routine. I think that may actually be one of the secrets to success.
                If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.
My life is so much easier when I have a pretty set schedule.  My family knows what to expect, and I know what to do and don’t feel like I’m just trying, but rather I’m succeeding. I have a hard time being spontaneous.  But I’m also not a control-freak or super organized (but I would secretly love to be above average organizedJ)
So tomorrow may not be the official beginning of the e2e challenge, but I will definitely be  starting to get into a routine with my meal planning and exercise.
Wish me luck!!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that your daughter has been ill. I hope she is much better now. The challenge would have to come in second to your family and personal well being. I wish you the best of luck. Join in when you can and have a great New Year.

  2. I'm glad your daughter got great care and you didn't have to worry about who was taking care of her case. :D

    Look, this is life. Life is not set. Most of it will be, but shake-ups come. Part of this journey is how we figure out how to work through those shake-ups, short or long. I did fine through many an upheaval, then not so great over lesser ones. Who knows what triggers? We learn. You'll learn. You always have to have that strategy to keep your footing when the carpet is pulled out. And if you falter, so what? You move on the next day or week. It's a balance, a juggle. Just never give up , right? :D

    Happy New Year...and blessings n your healing up babygirl.

  3. yes, I wish you luck! so sorry to hear about your daughter. Hopefully she is fine again.
    I also just loose weight, if I have a routine. I realized that, when I lost my 20 kg the last year. When we had guests over for the night, I didn't FEEL so stressed, but I wouldn't loose any weight that week or 2. So, maybe you can reflect on that and see, how you can get more routine into your life. I have no idea about your daily life (hahaha), but with kids there is always something happening, that wasn't planed.

  4. I wrote a long comment at lunch and then our "lovely" internet wouldn´t let it go through...

    What I said was, before I finally made the big step to start working at my weight, I always thought about what was happening in my life and that I had that and that program coming up, so I couldn´t start to change my way of eating till that was over. Then some other excuse came and so on. I´m not saying a sick child is an excuse, it´s not fun and a lot of stress, but we have to learn to live with these stress factors in our lives. I too am learning how to cope with the "out of the ordinary" routines.
    Hope your daughter is feeling better.

  5. Good luck Casey. I too need a routine, it just makes things so much easier and with the holidays, no school, no work for Jim and Mike it's been impossible here too. Plus my TOM but tomorrow is a great day to start fresh and clean and organized. Good luck Casey and I hope your daughter is feeling better.