Saturday, January 14, 2012

E2E Week 2

Two weeks down!
Let's get to the numbers first!

Weight last week: 121.1 kg – 266.9 lbs
Today’s weight: 120.5 kg – 265.6 lbs
Pounds lost: 1,3lbs

Last weeks waist measurement: 47 inches
Today’s Waist measurements: 46.8 inches
Inches lost: 0.2 inches

Track Calories attempting to stay under 1800 calories/day.
These have been rounded up, since I’m estimating the number of calories the best I can!
Sunday- 1750
Monday – 1500
Tuesday – 1700
Wednesday – 1600
Thursday – 1800
Friday - 1850
Saturday –

I’m not tracking my water right now, but I know I’m going to have to come winter. I drink lots of water when it’s hot, at least 3 liters a day. And often more.          

Track exercise (exercise 5 days/week)
I got 2 out of 5 days in! Since my girls were at camp this week I had the chance to redo Raquel’s room. That was probably worth 2 days of working out.  I did not take any before pictures. Kinda wish I had, but it was a disaster area!
Made to Crave - My book reading is going slow, but I don’t just want to read it and be done with it, like a novel. I’m thinking of it as investing time to learn! J This week I’m learning to replace my cravings.  Lysa suggests using cravings as prayer prompts. An example… If you go to food for comfort, pray instead and ask God to comfort you. If your lonely, talk to God. It sounds oversimple maybe, and I know I don’t do her words justice,
Is it possible that I love and rely on food more than I love and rely on God?
God never intended for us to want anything more than we want Him.
Lots to think about again!
I look forward to reading the other E2E updates. I think I learn a little something from each one of you.
Julie and I are staying in touch! I love getting her emails. You inspire me, Julie!
Things that motivate me change every now and then, and so will my quote from time to time! 

And now a few pictures of the room make-over!
When I asked Raquel what color she'd like her room. She said the color in her room didn't bother  her, so I really didn't know where to go with that. Since the curtains I was using up til then were still really good, I decided to just use a color that looked good with those. And I insisted it be a light color, because she'll be doing her homework in there.
I got the chair from a friend, Raquel was so excited about that. Otherwise I used the furniture we have and will paint or replace it all eventually.
I repurposed an old screen window and made a pin board. Thanks for the ideas, Pinterest!

One of my favorite parts of her room is the one that belongs to storage. Very organized, haha! This shelf comes to about a meter from the ceiling. Convenient, and not in the way!
So we shall see what this next week brings.
Let's make good choices! :)


  1. Good morning Casey and you did great today. Your loss was great. I love the room, you did a great job. So now what's next?
    It is fun having you for my buddy and as things calm down we'll get to chatter a bit more but I love the check ins.
    Take care and good luck this week. Blessings my friend!!

  2. Yeay, I'm the first to comment here. :-)
    Wow, it looks like you got a lot done this past week and even lost some weight. Congratulation on that. It's always better not to loose to much in one week, so that you don't have a yoyo afterwards.
    I bet your daughter will be happy with her new room. My little 8 year old is also asking me already for her own room, but I think, it's to early and we actually don't have the room yet for her to have her own room.
    I wish you a lot of strength for this coming week. May you get as successful as this past week! I also find the motivation for sports is the most difficult!

  3. I love that idea as using cravings as prayer prompts! I totally agree with that. Also those questions you posed. I'm going to have to copy those and keep them where I can read them. Love it! It's a daily battle but those are the kinds of things to remember.

    You are doing great girl!! Keep up that momentum. :)

    God bless..

  4. Love the color of the wall. Very soothing to me.
    And I love what you wrote about your book. I wonder if I would be able to do that, to search God every time I´m hungry and think about food. Very inspiring.
    I´m so glad you had a loss, that makes it all worth it.

  5. Nice job on your daughter's room! I may have missed this, but is there a certain reason you're estimating your calories and not tracking them? I just find that when I try to estimate, I'm way over what I thought I would be. Nice job with the loss!

    1. I make alot of food from scratch, and I don't often use a recipe, I find I either have to list all the ingredients I've used, find the calories ammount for that and then divide it into serving size portions... It was just too much for last week. I do track on My Fitness Pal, but I've been estimating meals, like Chicken and Spinach Lasagna (without the noodles), this past week. I also find I'm probably underestimating some, and so I round up. But, like I said, too much for last week.
      Thanks for asking though, and if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

  6. Yes indeed, the room makeover counts. Last year we painted the inside of our small house, and all the bending and squatting almost killed me! In a good way, I guess. I love the simplicity and uncluttered look of her room.

  7. Good job on the loss! I cook everything from scratch as well and it can be very time consuming trying to enter each item into MFP. I tell myself that before long I'll have all the ingredients I use in there and I will be able to just go down the list a check boxes!

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Hey Casey.. I just tagged you on my blog if you'd like to go see. :)

  9. Woooohoooo!!!! Great loss this week. Keep it up. I love the room make over. Cleaning and organizing can be such a workout! :)

  10. God never intended us to want anything more than Him. Thats one thing that really stuck with me from Made to Crave.
    The first time I read the book, it only took me three days. Then I rereaad it again twice, trying to soak it all in.

  11. Great job on the loss & your daughter's room:-)

  12. Nice job on the room and on the loss. Keep it going