Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Midweek Update!

Hey everyone!
What a day!
I took my girls to camp today! They were so excited. And now I've got the boys all to myself. They did so well playing and giggling together. They've been playing with the girls a lot lately and I thought they'd miss them, but they did really well.
My project for these next three days is to redo Raquels room for her. About 2 months before school ended, we decided she'd do better off in a room of her own. So, with a heavy heart, I gave her the guest/sewing/craft/storage room. It was going to be a trial period, and now we decided she can keep it. I'll need to look for some storage solutions now, but we think this is better for her, for now.
So this afternoon I removed everything from her room, got the painter started, and ran off with the curtains to get some custom paint mixed.
So Luis (my husbands right hand guy 2 days a week) will come in tomorrow again to finish painting the walls. I'll probably do the trim, around the windows and such and I'd really like to do something special, maybe stencil her name on the wall??? Any ideas?
On the food front... I'm learning! I went over my calories (1800) on sunday, but stayed below on all the other days. But what I've seen is that most of my calories are between meals. I usually just put my food in and made sure the bottom line was less than 1800, but I never really looked to see where my calories were consumed.
So, now that I see that, I'll need to watch what and how much I'm snacking on, maybe I can reduce the total calories a little more right there.
Last night I went to my exercise class again, no steps but a good workout. I really like that she does abdominal exercises everytime. Sounds wierd, but those are probably my favorite exercises in gym class.
Today, since I was working up a sweat in Raquels room most of the afternoon, my back really aches (I have two herniated discs and a crooked tailbone), so I just did some stretching exercises.
I found some cool quote on Pinterest the other day. And since Dr. Suess is one of my favorite authors, I'll start with his!

Have a great week, my friends.
And make good choices!


  1. The room sounds like it will turn out really nice. I bet she will be excited to get home and see it.
    You are doing so good C. I´m happy for you!

  2. stenciling would be really cute! You could also buy vinyl lettering if you'd rather have something removable.

  3. Love the quote, Casey. Keep up the good work.!

  4. Good that you realize where the calories are consumed. That often makes the whole difference. I actually cut out my breakfast, to have more calories left for dinner. Dinnertime is the hardest for me. I need to eat SOMETHING!

  5. YEAH!! You are doing great Casey. I would love to see what your daughter's room looks like when you get it done.
    I redid Mike's a few years ago and sponge painted it 3 different colors and then put up and eagle wall boarder. He was working on his Boy Scout Eagle and thought it was perfect. He loved it and now that we've traded rooms we have the cool paint job and eagle and I love it.
    Keep up the great work and I'll check in with you sometime today. Take care Casey. Blessings!!

  6. Enjoyed the Dr Suess quote..he was a favorite with my family. Sometimes we just need a space of our own...hope you daughter enjoys it. Can you put up some pictures of things she likes? Have a good week

  7. Dr. Suess right on.
    Bloggie love to ya! I am glad I stopped by!