Tuesday, January 24, 2012

E2E - Midweek Update, Dr. Appointment!

Time for a midweek update… already???
Well, I saw another gynecologist  this afternoon.  I have a growth in my uterus and it needs to be removed is the short version. It is very most likely benign, but it does not belong and will  need to go! This will happen on Monday. I’m glad we can do this so quickly. Then I recuperate and get on with my life.
I’ve been worried, I’ll be honest. I usually have a “que sera, sera” attitude, and this just messes up my thoughts. Of course, no one can tell from the outside, and I haven’t shared with anyone but my family (and I know my sisters are reading this, so consider yourself updated). I’ll let my close friends know, but I guess it’s no big deal. To anyone but myself, that is.
So I’ve been slacking in the tracking department for the past two days. Yesterday the internet was down again for most  of the day and today got busy with a hair appointment, dr. appointment and taking my son to what was going to be drum lessons and turned out to be dance lesson.( Funny story, we’ll see what the teacher tells me tomorrow. )
Anyway, tomorrow is another day, and I’ll make sure I have everything ready to track.
And as I didn’t go to aerobics class, I’ll be doing a Leslie Sansone Video here at home. And then I’d like to go to class in the evening if I ever stop bleeding! I did get a walk in yesterday morning, so let’s see if I make 5/7 this week.
Since I had a lot of appointments these last few days, I’ve also been doing a lot of reading. I actually finished reading The One Day Way that Betty lent me. It is such an easy read. And I highly recommend it. I think it’s a realistic approach to losing weight. Don’t keep looking at the big picture, that can be so overwhelming at times. Just be the best you can today. And then do it again tomorrow. Almost too simple, right?
I’ve also been reading Made to crave, but I’ll update on that book next time.
Hope you’re all doing well, and make good choices today!


  1. Thots and prayers on Monday!! For peace, comfort, and knowledge for the surgeon and his staff.
    Keep your mind and hands busy between now and then!!

  2. Well, I hope the growth removal goes safely and that your recovery is quick. In a way, I'm glad you're not terrified as a positive attitude is great for recuperation.

  3. loved talking to you and seeing the kidders. praying for you and yours. make sure you get some pampering. if i were still at the snack shop i'd bring you a cucurucho and coke. we all know it's better then medicine.

  4. I just sent you an e-mail and thought I'd see if you posted. I am glad they figured it out and can take care of it fast. I will be praying and thinking of you often. Take care Casey.

  5. Oh, C., I would be so scared. How did you manage the days that you didn't know what it was? I would have been a emotional wrack. But you sound, like you managed (better than I would have).
    Hope, everything goes well with that operation. Father is protecting you.

  6. I hope all goes well. Let us know. Will pray for you and hope you´ll be on your feet in no time.

  7. I'll be thinking of you and hoping for things to go well. Great news that they can get you in so quickly and that even with so much stress, you're taking care of yourself.

  8. It looks like you have been bathed if prayer and positive thoughts already but I will certainly be thinking about you and your family. You are so lucky to be able to have this taken care of so quickly. So many times we have to wait endless amounts of time before our procedure and the unknown can be the worst. Hang in there and we will all be checking on you as the day approaches.