Sunday, March 4, 2012

E2E Weekend update #9

12/31/11 - 122 kg         268,9 lbs
01/07/12 - 121,1 kg      266,9 lbs (-2 lbs)
01/14/12 - 120,5 kg      265,6 lbs (-1,3 lbs)
01/21/12 - 119 kg         262,3 lbs (-3,3 lbs)
01/28/12 - 118,7 kg      261,6 lbs (-0,7 lbs)
02/04/12 - 118,6 kg      261,4 lbs (-0,2 lbs)
02/11/12 - 118,2 kg      260,5 lbs (-0,9 lbs)
02/18/12 – 118,3 kg      260,8 lbs (+0,3 lbs)
02/25/12 - 117,2 kg       258,3 lbs (-2,5 lbs)
03/03/12 - 117,5 kg       259,0 lbs (+0,7 lbs)
A small gain, I was a little upset because I had been down to 256,1 lbs on Wednesday.
Waist: Inches have stayed the same.
I've been feeling blue most of the week. My kids were home for a long weekend and one of them has been in pick-a-fight mode. It's been hard.
I keep telling them that no matter what the circumstances are... you can't control them. The only thing you can control is your reaction to the situation. And this week that's been put to the test for both of us!
My exercise was 2/7. That is just not good at all! I will do better!!
I've been tracking my food a lot better this week. I've been over my calories once, last night! We went out to eat, which is a rare occasion for us, unless when we are in Asunción, and I had fried fish. It was piping hot and delicious! But so greasy. I don't know if it was greasier than usual or if I'm just not used to greasy anymore.
TOM will be over soon, so I'm hoping my mood will improve.  I just don't have a lot to say today.
Here's to a disciplined week!


  1. TOM always equals a step back for me... I feel like I get to do two steps forward, one step back and then undo the damage from the step back... that's my four week cycle I suppose!

    This week will be better... don't get too down on yourself - unless that's your motivator, then down away. But really... this is a minor setback. There is only forward.

  2. I'm sorry you are having conflict with the kids, Casey. That is always tough and it stresses me out here when it happens. I hope things will be better soon. We have next week to look forward to and maybe we will all be happier with out results then. Hang in there. :)

  3. A big hug! I'm proud of you always and will be praying that the lesson you're teaching your kids about controlling their reaction will start bearing fruit! Love you!

  4. Kids are kids so just pick your battles and then go for a walk. You will do fine next week, I know you will. We both will do great next week, yes we will.
    Take care Casey and have a blessed and awesome evening.

  5. I hate conflict. :P sorry bout that.

    You've lost 10 pounds so far! That's really good. :) Remember that when the "fight mode" folks come a hollering. You done good!

  6. Excellent pic there at the end, it's so true! Hope your blue mood has lightened up and things are back on track for ya:-)