Wednesday, February 29, 2012

E2E Midweek blah's

Feeling blue today.
Oh, now I know why, I went clothes shopping today! One of my least favorite things to do!
I spent money on clothes I don't really like, just because they fit, and I hate doing that. Of course since I went thrift store shopping, it wasn't alot of money, but still.
Since I'm going to AsunciĆ³n in 2 weeks, I'm just going to wait and see if I can get something there, but I'm not optimistic. Paraguayan overweight women tend to squeeze into anything and look like a sausage. I like to wear things loose.
My husband suggested online shopping once. But that scares me too. What if it doesn't fit... I'd hate to have to return something.
Right now I'm wearing clothes that range from size 22 (jeans) all the way up to 5x (a top that is admittedly too big, but is loose and nice!)
So, would you american friends of mine let me know where I can browse online for clothes, maybe I will shop that way and see how it goes.
Now I'm off to figure out how to remove that annoying captcha thing...


  1. I used loose clothes when I was big to camouflage. I prefer form fitting now (with some "hide" function, like A-line skirts to skim my belly apron). I find with loose skin, fabric with compression is a holds stuff in. So, formfitting in some spots, looser in others, works. It's just tough finding the things I need all in one dress or suit or outfit.

    I don't know about Paraguay, but has free returns on most clothes. I've sent stuff back with no hassle. I've bought two dresses and some tops there and a couple shoes. If it werent' for free returns, forget it.

    Old Navy has free returns for plus size. Their stuff runs LARGE, so when I was 3x, I used their 2x.

    Check Lane Bryant and Avenue online, and see what their return policies are...I don't recall, cause I shopped mostly in stores.

    Life gets way easier when one can buy more "normal" size clothes, I find, but it's never super easy..cause we all have particular body issues post weight loss....and we have to suit that. 3/4 sleeves are my friend. :D

  2. I order online and I would include your order if you want to try it. It´s from Take a look and let me know if you want to try. Maybe just a tshirt to see how it fits. We´ll talk.
    But they are about the only web site that send to Paraguay at a reasonable price.

    P.S. Captcha is still on.... :(

  3. I can understand your frustrations! I have the same problem here, even not being overweight anymore (but on the high side of normal weight). Chinese people are just sooo small, that it's difficult to find something for myself. I always wait with shopping until we go to another country, like Thailand or Paraguay. :-)

  4. I recommend Their clothes are usually such good deals that it wouldn't really matter if you couldn't return them anyways!