Thursday, February 23, 2012

E2E Midweek Update

Today I've sat down a few times to update, but I have no words... I don't know what to say. Now, if we'd sit down for some coffee or tereré, that's a different story, we'd probably never stop talking. ( read about tereré here)
So, this week, my main goal was to work out more. As of today, it's been 4/5! And I'm happy about that.
My baby started Kindergarten on Wednesday. I missed him, but really enjoyed my quiet day at home.
I've finally gotten around to commenting on everyones post. At first it felt like a burden, but once I started reading and commenting, I was really glad I had taken the time. What did I learn there? Well, some are struggling with health issues, especially Mir, Karen and Bethany. Some of you don't have very much to lose or are maintaining or are finding that those last few 20ish pounds seem the most stubborn.
Others are rocking this challenge, one fit into her challenge dress allready. Some are well on their way to Onederland. One special blogger had a lot to lose but continually is looking on the bright side, she knows what to do and does it!! We've got a very busy lady going through a tough patch, but we all know she's going to get up stronger! She is a fighter!
One seems to have found a fantastic guy who accepts her just the way she is!
Some ladies are working out hard and running! You are amazing!
Some are truely going through rough times and need our support more than ever.
So, I did get to visit with each of you, I guess!
Have a great rest of the week everyone.
And make good choices!


  1. Aww, what a thoughtful post! It's sweet to be viewed as "knows what to do and she does it!" :) Good job getting everyone in there! Very impressive!

    Also impressive, you're 80% success rate for working out thus far! Keep it up lady and you'll see those numbers DROP!

  2. Sometimes reading everyones updates are just the motivation I need cause it helps to see the many facets of this journey and that eventhough we are all different and different things work for each of us, there are similarities and ways to incorporate a little from everyone into your own plan:-)

  3. What a great post! I bet that was a lot of work linking everyone. Thanks for your great comment!

  4. Thanks, Casey for coming by to read an comment. You seem to be keeping tabs on everyone and that is very affirming. You are doing great and I'm glad to hear that you are sounding so positive and upbeat. I need to hear about those who are succeeding as inspiration to keep trying. Hang in there. I will be thinking about you. :)

  5. Coffee and of the world's best combos, yes?

    Yeah, struggling AND YEAH, the last 20 lbs are like...sheesh...I don't have the words for how hard it's been. And maybe...ain't gonna happen. Maybe the sacrifices required, well, maybe I'm not willing to make them. long as I'm okay where I am (which I am), it's not a tragedy. It's success.

    BUT..part of me still wants to try, ya know? Stubborn!

    And on we go...wherever it is we want to land, let's be there before year's end!

    And if you see rare to no comments from's the damn captchas. I hate them. I hate them like a lot. :(

    Be well, babe.

  6. Wow, this was a really great idea to write a post like this. Can I copy this from you? I think, it is very encouraging.

  7. Awesome idea! It made me click on each one to see if I was right in my own guessing!