Sunday, February 12, 2012

E2E update - February 12th

Good morning!
Hope you're all having a restful Sunday!
We had our yearly Sunday School program at church today. Since our school year starts in February, the kids had a short program with songs and skits and a few kids recited Bible verses and as of next Sunday will all be in their new classes. I've taught first and second graders for 3 years running now and have asked to take a break, so for me this was my last official duty as Sunday school teacher. I'm glad for a break, I wasn't preparing as I should have/could have been, and I'd rather make sure I get a break from it before I decide to never teach again! :)
My kids were all participating, Nicole recited the verse to a song and Raquel had a part in a short play. And the boys were singing! :)
We've pretty much recovered from out trip to the city. We had a talk about behaviour and obedience. I think once school starts and we have a routine in place, things will go better.
Last night I went for a long walk with my sister. I think she said it was 3,8 km (2.3 miles) and since I hadn't done any exercising since last Monday and I had my new shoes on, it was painful, but I felt so ... accomplished afterwards. Felt good! And we had an uninterrupted talk!
We are planning a ladies trip into AsunciĆ³n for March. My sister, my mom and one of my best friends, Hope, will go. Looking forward to that!
So, now to my weigh in!!

12/31/11 - 122 kg         268,9 lbs
01/07/12 - 121,1 kg      266,9 lbs (-2 lbs)
01/14/12 - 120,5 kg      265,6 lbs (-1,3 lbs)
01/21/12 - 119 kg         262,3 lbs (-3,3 lbs)
01/28/12 - 118,7 kg      261,6 lbs (-0,7 lbs)
02/04/12 - 118,6 kg      261,4 lbs (-0,2 lbs)
02/11/12 - 118,2 kg      260,5 lbs (-0,9 lbs)

And my measurements
Waist beginning: 48 inches
Waist 02/11/12:  45.6 inches

I still haven't taken a picture of myself in my challenge clothes. I'll try to get to that this week.
Esteban turns 7 this week and that means Birthday Party!!! Party food! Ice Cream cake! Think of me Wednesday as I serve the cake, ok! I'll probably have a small piece in the late afternoon, but am hoping for an empty platter before I get to serve myself! :)

I didn't read my book this week, haven't been doing much reading at all lately, buti I did listen to a podcast that I think some of you would enjoy, and even benefit from. Maybe you've all heard about it, but for me it was something I really needed to hear... and do!
It's at fat2fitradio and the sow I listened to was their 5th Annual Goals Show.
They have lots of information that is really easy to understand. I hadn't listened for a while, but I'm going to get back into it.
So expect a post with some updated goals soon!:)

My buddy, Julie hasn't felt great lately, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!

Hope you're all doing well, and are making good choices!


  1. So glad to see that you're losing every week...really something to be pleased about. Thanks for the podcast link.

  2. Yes, Thanks for the link...I'm looking forward to checkin it out. Enjoy that birthday party and the cake. Great work on the consistent losses!

  3. I love birthday cake! I have no limit to the amount that will fit into my stomach! When my kids were little I would have to throw it in the trash as soon as the party was over or I would eat it all by myself!

  4. I am glad you're back and settled. I'm glad that you saw you needed time away from teaching. I did the same thing but I regret not going back. When do your kids start school? I know it's almost the opposite of us but just curious.
    I hope you have a great week. You've done so well with you weight loss. Keep it up Casey.
    Take care and God Bless!!
    P.S. Thanks for the support, you always have the right words for me.

  5. Great loss again. So happy for you. I¨ll be thinking of you tomorrow, when you serve the cake. It´s perfect weather for ice cream cake. :) I bet there won´t be any left for you. LOL