Saturday, February 25, 2012

E2E weekend update

Well, here we go again!
12/31/11 - 122 kg         268,9 lbs
01/07/12 - 121,1 kg      266,9 lbs (-2 lbs)
01/14/12 - 120,5 kg      265,6 lbs (-1,3 lbs)
01/21/12 - 119 kg         262,3 lbs (-3,3 lbs)
01/28/12 - 118,7 kg      261,6 lbs (-0,7 lbs)
02/04/12 - 118,6 kg      261,4 lbs (-0,2 lbs)
02/11/12 - 118,2 kg      260,5 lbs (-0,9 lbs)
02/18/12 – 118,3 kg      260,8 lbs (+0,3 lbs)
02/25/12 - 117,2 kg       258,3 lbs (-2,5 lbs)
Yeah!! This is 10 lbs lost since the challenge began and 21 since my highest weight!

And my measurements stayed the same!
Waist beginning: 48 inches
Waist 02/25/12:  44.4 inches
I finally got to commenting this week, and I got to read everyones blog! Want proof? Read my midweek update here.
Buddy Julie and I finally had a chance to email a bit more back and forth! She is an amazing woman and it's an honor for me to have her as my challenge buddy!
I saw someone, I think it was Deb, had this same quote on her blog this week, I love it and it is so true!
I've not been reading my book for a week or so. I do want to start up again, soon. I'm hoping I'll have time to do so this weekend!
AND, my personal goal this week was to do 5/7 days of exercise! And I did it! In my head I was going for 6, but life happened.
We are off to a wedding this afternoon, I don't really know the people well, but my husband and the brides husband work together occasionally and that put us on the guest list!
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!


  1. YEAH!!!! AWESOME!!!! That is great. You are such a wonderful woman and it has been a wonderful experience getting to know you. Keep up the amazing and hard work, you doing great.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend!!

  2. You are doing great! I hope you enjoy the wedding. There is no more special occasion. Hang in there and keep up the good work. :)

  3. Great that you stay motivated. Your results are great! I´m looking forward to come and visit you sometimes and see with my own eyes, how this challenge has changed you (and me). :-)

  4. Hurrah! Congrats on the loss! I WISH I was seeing your inch loss! You are doing so well. Keep it up lady!

  5. Great loss this week. So happy for you!

  6. Yeah for you on the weight loss! I loved that little quote also when I saw it.... the looks of it appealed to my inner child and the words appealed to the whole me:-) Congrats on getting all the workouts in, it's not always easy but it shows it can be done:-)