Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Slimdown Weeks 6 and 7

Weeks 6 and 7!

These last 2 weeks have been awful in terms of weight loss!
Last I updated was a 4.6lbs loss and I knew I'd gain some back because that was a detox week. But I gained back.
I'm at 254.8 again and I am SO ashamed!
I did ok on the vegetarian week, but I had not tracked for detox week and didn't for vegetarian week either. Which was my first mistake! The second one was I was really craving carbs. I think I do better on a low carb diet than a no beef diet.
Last weeks challenge was to commit to a 5K. As we have none at the moment in my neck of the woods, I'll be doing one all by myself, hopefully on Wednesday morning. I'll post my time when I've done it, so hold me accountable, ok!
Since my kids are on winter break, my scheduled exercise time has gone out the window, and I'm having a hard time getting back on track. Tonight I'll be going back to my exercise class (she's been on break for 2 weeks as well.) and if my husband doesn't want to do anything special on his birthday night (wednesday) I'll go play Volleyball for an hour.
Speaking of Birthdays!!! My daughter turned 12 last Wednesday, and will be having a second party on Thursday (she had a small on last wednesday). My husband's birthday is this Wednesday Thankfully he doesn't like sweets! Actually one of the only desserts he likes is flan, so I'll make him that! And my birthday is 2 weeks after his. And unfortunatly, I like sweets! I'll have to come up with a plan!
This weeks challenge was to face a fitness fear. I don't know about this one. I already tried Zumba... I'll have to give this some thought.
So, ladies, I'm back on track today. It's been rough. And I hate the consequences, but it's turning around!
Have a great week!


  1. It's great to hear from you! I can't do vegetarian for long, either. Gotta have a little meat, but I can do very little meat.

    Tracking is the key for me. I can go a couple of days without doing it, but if I just quit I know I would start gaining. It's just one of those things like brushing your teeth - we have to do it daily.

    Have a great week!

  2. Good that you are planning ahead for those birthdays (happy b-day early)...I'm a sucker for cake so that would be my downfall.
    BTW - Julie is hosting a virtual 5K for those that do not have one in their area. See her blog for details. It is July 27...come join us!

  3. Keep up the hard work. One thing I’ve found to be extremely helpful and useful as a supplement to my current diet/exercise plan is Fullbar ( Not only do their products help you lose weight, they also help you maintain your weight loss.