Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Sizzle Slimdown Challenge Week 3

Third week down!

Last week: 251.7 lbs
This week: 250.2 lbs (Usually weigh in on Friday, but this is my Wednesday weight)

The tracking has been going well. I made a side challenge with 2 friends that we would track - and stay on track - for at least 10 out of 14 days. (One of the Ladies does not track weekends, so that's why we didn't go for 100%)

I was planning on getting more exercise in this week, and life happened! I got 2.5 hours in, and that included
which was, of course, this weeks New Exercise Challenge!
And, as planned, I did the dvd at home. REALLY made an effort to do all the exercises. I rarely laugh out loud, but I did that Wednesday morning. Thankful I was not in a class, thankful I don't have a full length mirror in the living room. Thankful I don't have neighbors looking in my windows. And thankful that those 45 minutes were over. I am so uncoordinated on my feet.
I may do it again, but probably not something I'll do regularly.

So this Weeks Mini-Challenge is to drink 3 liters of Water a day.
Since it's getting cooler down here (officially winter now!) I've not been drinking as much water as I should/could be. So, this week, bottom's up!

Have a great week!


  1. Zumba is such the rage now, I have never tried it... I am now a dancing Queen... more of a toad actually :P

  2. Good for you for trying the Zumba DVD! Taking a Zumba class will be part of my "Fitness Fear" challenge....I, too, am rather uncoordinated and I fear that I will look like an idiot in class. Having a home DVD may be the way to go!
    Congrats om the loss too - you are doing it!
    Tracking will help so I am happy to hear that your friends are on board with doing this with you. Power in numbers, I say!

  3. I know exactly how you felt. haha Zumba is definitely something to be done ALONE. :)
    I'll have a hard time with the water too. Not really drinking weather, is it?

  4. Congrats on the loss! Great job! And, you are so brave for trying Zumba... eek!

  5. You did awesome Casey. I tried the Zumba and will try again but not with a full house of kids. They laughed at me when we did it together.
    Your loss is excellent. I have got to get back on track, starting next Monday I hope. Gotta get this stuff handled here first.
    Take care Casey and have a blessed week. Keep up the great work!!