Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer sizzle slimdown challenge week 1

First week down!

Last week: 250.4 lbs
This week: 250.4 lbs - no change!

I pretty much got the tracking down again. It's been difficult, but I don't hate doing it. I just forget. I was over my daily calories once according to MFP. My personal challenge will be to eat more fruit and veggies now. And drink more water! Both those things are hard for me once it gets colder. Which it has been here!
I'm looking forward to this next weeks challenge so I'll get moving more.

I've had a rough week. I'm not making excuses - but all 4 of my kids have been sick at least one day this past week. My husband was out of town for 4 days and I had a migrane for 2 days (I often have headaches, though this has been my second migrane). My house has been neglected, but I'm so glad I have someone come in to help me. And now that my kids (and I) are better, we are keeping up with the clutter.

Here's hoping for a better week, with lots of water, fruit and movement!



  1. Sick kids and migraines are no fun. I used to suffer horrific migraines on a weekly basis, but found once I cleaned up my eating they really improved to a point where I only get the occasional hormone induced one now. I really hope week 2 is better for you. Good luck!

  2. Some weeks are harder than others - but hopefully this week will find your family healthier and it will be easier to ficus on weight loss. It can be tough!!!! Getting back into the swing of tracking was a challenge for me too, but now that I am doing it, I like it. It really makes me accountable.
    Best of luck this week with getting in the exercise! We'll be rooting you on!

  3. No change means no gain! No doubt you will be rewarded for your hard work next weigh in keep up the great work!!

  4. I am a new follower from the Summer Sizzle! I am looking forward to seeing your progress all summer!! No change isn't a bad thing a gain is huge! Next week you will get your loss

  5. Dealing with illness - your own and your family's - is so draining. Hope you're all feeling better and that you have a great week 2 of the challenge!