Sunday, June 17, 2012

SSSC week 2

Second week down!

Last week: 250.4 lbs
This week: 251.7 lbs - a gain, groan:(

I've been tracking fairly regulary, which is so good! I'm glad Rochelle got us doing that first thing because I do believe it to be an important part in weight loss!I've gotten more fruit in this week, yummy oranges and grapefruit are in season here now! And I've been drinking more water, since it wasn;t as cold here as last week!

This weeks challenge was 6 hours of exercise. I didn't quite make it because I was still having intense headaches until Tuesday. So, I got in 4 hours and 20 minutes, walking, pilates, aerobics and volleyball.
Wednesday I decided to go no sugar, no flour for a few days to see if my headaches would ease up, and I think they did. So I'm looking to make that a more permanent thing.

This next week is New Exercise Challenge!
I recently aquired a Zumba dvd, and I've been saving it for this week :) In the privacy of my home I'm going to be making a fool of myself, I'll let you know how it goes!

Also, keep tracking, and I'm going to go for 6 hours of exercise again! Hopefully I can make it this week!

All the best to my fellow Challenge Takers!
Have a great week!


  1. Oh, I need a copy of that DVD. Where did you get it?? Sounds good!
    Hope you continue to feel better!

  2. Zumba. AH!! Mike got me it for Christmas and so far I've tried it a few times but this woman has no rhyme at all. Good luck with it Casey. I'm going to read a bit more, it's been awhile since I've stopped by. Sorry about that.
    Good luck this week. Blessings my friend!!

  3. I like the idea of doing a Zumba DVD in the privacy of your own home...I should look into that. Zumba is my "fitness fear"....I've read and heard mixed reviews about what type if fitness level you should have to do the workout so it has held me back in terms of trying a class.But at home, who cares if you have to stop and start just to catch your breath???
    Have fun with it and let us know how it goes.
    Good job this past week - you did very well with getting in exercise and I am glad you are continuing to track. Keep going!!!!

  4. Sounds like you had a good week!! Best of luck to you in the challenge!

  5. I hear you on the zumba thing! I always feel like the most uncoordinated person in the world. Best keep that to myself so I don't injure anyone! heh!

    HOpe it's going well!

  6. I used to have the Zumba dvd's, but I felt so uncoordinated - I just couldn't get the hang of it! I should have stuck it out longer because it is a great workout. Good luck with it!