Monday, February 28, 2011

Weigh In, Picture Update, Measurement update

Well, it's been longer than I've wanted.

Now that I have a new computer, I've been "cleaning" my old one, and that's taken slightly more time and headache than I'd like to admit. Have been technically challenged these last few days.

I have not been tracking my food.

There, it's out. I have the same thing happening to me with journals throughout the years. I start strong, and then let it slide, and then I quit altogether.

I have actually been thinking, "I should just quit!" I'll do better next time! What a lie!

There won't be a next time, because I'm not quitting and restarting. I'm continuing!

I'll get my motivation back somehow, and I'll get used to the work that's involved in weight loss.

I will not give up!

And yes, I'm trying to convince myself!

Now for my Weigh In!
Beginning weight:      279 lbs
Last week's weight:  252.6 lbs
Today's weight:        251.9 lbs

This weeks loss: 0.7 lbs

I just watched The Biggest Loser for the first time the other day. Wow, is it always that emotional? I couldn't believe some of the weigh-in's. They were huge! Of course, that's the only thing they do all day, right?
Well, I thought it was quite interesting!

My measurements didn't look so great this month. :(

Either I had a different measuring tape this time or I really did increase slightly on every single measurement.
So not very motivating, because that's where we want to see it, right?

Here's my update pictures:

And something to compare that with:

Yikes! That is kinda scarey!

Have a great week!



  1. That's right... don't even THINK of stopping or giving up or I will seek you out and wring your neck!! :) with love, of course. You are worth it. And WOW, those comparison pics really show a difference, girl! Keep it up and drink LOTS of water. :)


  2. proud of you, pretty sister.
    hang in there, my nutritionist said to eat green apples, they help the metabolism. I'm sure einbilden helped too.
    love you

  3. WE CAN DO THIS, Casey! We ARE doing it. One day at a time. I think the photos are amazing - and you are an inspiration to me. Keep it up . . . and believe. I do!

  4. Casey, you've done a great job, you are one of the inspirations that got me started on this journey, HANG IN THERE! Today is a new day, just start anew.

  5. No starting over, just keep going cuz my dear, there is great results, I can see them. Yes I know there's good months and bad ones but you're still doing great. Just keep it up.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  6. Wow- what a difference! You are doing FANTASTIC!! Keep it up!!

    I love watching Biggest Loser, although I know it's not realistic in the real world. It's motivational to see tha transformations!

  7. Casey, well look at you!!! Great update photos - big congratulations are in order :)