Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Monday! Weigh In Time!

Not so excited about WI this week! Yes TOM influences even my weigh in's, but to be perfectly honest, this week has been... well, difficult in the eating department!

Beginning weight:      279 lbs
Last week's weight:  251.7 lbs
Today's weight:        253.7 lbs

YIKES! thats a 2 lbs gain and I don't like it!

On a positive note... I need one more run to finish the C25K program! Tomorrow I'll do day three of week 9 and then I've officially graduated! Yeah!

 Also a friend lent me her Taebo DVD and I did that one morning instead of running.

It was quite different than what I'm used to, but it was fun, and my kids thought it was hilarious. My almost 6 year old "helped" me finish, because he wanted to finish watching the "boxing man".

After my run yesterday.
The next 5 weeks bring us 3 of our kids birthdays! Lots of cake will be around, among other yummy birthday food. Lots of opportunies to plan my eating, which I haven't been doing for  a while, lots of opportunities to practice self-control and dicipline.

Tomorrow is Stevie's 6th birthday! We´ll have a party for him on Friday afternoon, since tomorrow is also the first day of school!!!

I am REALLY looking forward to school! Not the helping with homework part or nagging about music practice part, but the part where I have the mornings all to myself. I still have our youngest home with me, so I won't be lonely. Our kids leave the house at about 6:40 in order to start class at 7 sharp. They have school till 11:30 and then come home for lunch and they are done for the day. Stevie will need to be picked up from his Kindergarten every day at 10:45, haven't found anyone to carpool with yet.

Looking forward to having some time alone to be planning my menu's and deep-cleaning my house.

And... if all goes well, planning my new kitchen!

Have a great week!


  1. Great job on your runs! You look great in your after run pic! I love my alone time to plan as well. :) Happy Valentine's Day!!


  2. My wife goes up and down 5 lbs around TOM. Glad I'm a guy! Cheers, Rick

  3. I love how you talked about the challenges coming up as opportunities- that's a great attitude!

  4. Don't worry too awful much over that gain, Casey. I'm sure that's water and nothing else - let's all blame TOM!
    Kitchen planning sounds very exciting! I love doing things like that :)

  5. My TOTM is a 3 lbs gain, always and never fails. It does leave but it takes another week or so. It makes it hard to stand on that scale.
    Happy birthday to Stevie. 6 years old, WOW, time flies.
    You're doing fantastic. Keep up the great work.
    take care and God Bless!!!