Monday, February 7, 2011

Weigh In and Vacation Pic's

Hello everyone!
We've been back from our vacation a few days and I´ve been super-tired! Yup, I felt like I needed another vacation - but one all by myself!
Before I share my pic's and some vacation details, weigh-in!!!
I posted my weight on the 28th of Jan, and since that was not a weigh-in day I didn't change it on my side-bar. I didn't weigh in at all while we were gone, and so was wondering what the scale would tell me when we got home. It was exectly the same - and this at the end of a really long driving day. The next morning it showed even less, and I'm happy, happy, happy to post that today's WI showed 251.7 lbs!
That's a 2.9 lbs loss in 2 weeks - WHILE ON VACATION!!!
And I passed my 10% loss mark!
Can't wait to get out of the 250's!
And I enjoyed my vacation with a bit of fast food - ice cream - chips and pop! Not everyday, not alot, but just enough to satisfy my "want". I was aware of what I was eating, and knew when to stop - it was like I was a whole other person!
My friend and I got up at 5 a few mornings, because that's when she goes for her 60 minute walk. Uphill, downhill, humid temp's, lots of sweat, and lots of visiting, just the two of us. Blessed times!
Our summer vacation time is coming to an end though. Three of our four kids will be in school next week. I love having my kids home, but school helps me with routine! I do much better when I have a routine!
As far as our trip went, it was great. I was so disappointed we didn't get to go see our waterfall though, but it was pouring for most of the day and there didn't seem to be alot of hotel choices there. We´ll have to go again when our kids are on their winter break - in July.
Since we took my parents with us, we did alot of things that my husband knew would be interesting for them.
This is how we started our trip:
My kids prepared their footwear the night before. They were so ready to go!

Ok, for some reason I can't add more than one picture. Will try to put more up tomorrow.
Have a great day!

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  1. Excellent job on the loss, Casey - especially considering you were on vacation. Awesome! Cheers, Rick