Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yesterdays post that wasn't!

Monday weigh-in!
It was awful, people!!
My bad habits have finally caught up with me on the scale.
I guess I figured since I wasn't gaining with all my slip-ups, I could just cruise on the way I was up until now.
Well last Monday already showed me a gain, which then went back down the next day. But I haven't been on the scale since then and yesterday was in for a shock... 259.2lbs. Today could be better, but I decided not to get on the scale this morning. You know why? Well, I needed that almost 6lbs gain from my lowest weight to remind me that I can't keep doing this the easy was,... because it doesn't work!
If I really want to lose weight, I need to work harder at it.
The renovation work in my kitchen was a reason/excuse to not eat as healthy as I could have, and it was hard getting exercise in with all the people working in my house.
No more! My kitchen is done and I am so excited about all the healthy cooking and baking I'll be doing in there.
Some things I struggle with and want to work on this coming week are...
  1. tracking my food - started that again yesterday and want to keep it going.
  2. plan my menu - not only for my benefit, but I know it'd be good for my whole family
  3. make time for a daily work-out - mornings are best for me, and I want to really try to make this happen
These might be a little too general, but I really am looking for ways to implement the plan.
Hoping to report great progress throughout the week!


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