Monday, June 6, 2011

Finally a Monday weigh-in!

254.8 lbs
Boy, I have seen that number way too many mornings!
Trying to change this! :)
I've done alot of blog-related things today... except to write on mine!
So, short and sweet, a few things that are going on in my life, and most of them not related to weight loss.
  • My sister, D, and her family are coming for a visit from Canada in August. And my baby sister, A, is coming back after having spent years teaching English in Japan and more years studying in BC, Canada  I am SO EXCITED!!! I LOVE MY SISTERS!!!! We have LOTS of catching up to do! AND, since my sister, B, who lives here in Paraguay, and I have been doing the C25K, we decided to do a sisters 5k wog, run, jog, walk, whoever can do whatever, as long as we do it together! FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The cabinet makers called this morning and they will be ready to install my new kitchen next week. I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!! I've been busy sorting things in my kitchen to throw away or sell at our garage sale. Can hardley wait.
  • My tailbone has been hurting real bad again. Am really considering getting another one of those amazing cortisone shots again. Last one was a year ago, and the Dr. said it would probably help for about 3 months, so I'm really grateful that it really did work for the 9 months that it did.
  • We went away for a night and day to a hotel with our family. It's pretty remote and rusic. All expences paid - great deal and really relaxing (cell phones don't work there!)
Question: Do you plan your meals? Do you measure and weigh? Is WW online just as good or are the meetings key? Am thinking of trying it, but the cost is a little steep for our currency.

Sleep well!


  1. I do plan my meals. I have a weekly menu I plan out for our dinners, but I also pre-track each night what I'll be eating the next day. When I don't do this, I don't do as well. As for WW online, I've never done it. Never wanted to. I love the meetings and the support I get there.

    Thanks for your sweet words on my blog tonight. I had to chuckle when I realized you didn't make the tea cozy. I don't know where I got that idea from. It doesn't really matter though. I still treasure my wonderful gifts from you.

    Have a great night Casey and keep at it girl. We can do this!!!


  2. Since I'm with Allan and his phase 6, the meals are planned which helps lots. I do need to preplan a bit so I know what is next instead of waiting to look on that certain day. Even without Allan's I preplanned. I'm not to go at just opening the fridge and picking good stuff.
    Thank you for stopping by Casey. Enjoy those sisters. I like the wog....Mike called it jolking (walk/jogging).
    Take care and God Bless!!

  3. Casey, I just had my kitchen done this year, too. It's a pain while it's happening but when it's over - man, what a feeling! You will LOVE IT and I'm so excited for you :)
    Hope you have a wonderful time with your sisters - what a reunion that will be!