Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not a failure - Not a quitter

I’ve been struggling!
 I really want to achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle, but it’s not been easy.There is a huge difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it.
I consider myself an average woman, with a problem that affects many. There’s has been so much written about this topic, much research done. Many blogs written. The bottom line on weight loss, dieting, becoming healthy?
Eat less.
Move more.

For me right now though, and I’m sure most of us have experienced this,  is how do I pull this knowledge together to make it work for me?
Some reasons it’s kinda fallen apart lately…
·         My cronic back and tailbone pain has once again made an appearance.
·         We’re having our kitchen renovated and I’m a little frustrated in the cooking department right now.
Ok, I tried to find more reasons, and they all just became excuses! J
As of yesterday morning (forgot to weigh this morning) I weigh 254.8 lbs. My BMI tells me I am right on the line between obesity and morbid obesity. This is not where I want to be. It seems like I enjoy it here though, bcause I’m spending so much time here!!
The first 25 lbs lost were between October and February. It went easy and pretty fast, I thought. But I've been between 251 and 254 for 4 months now and though I had been exercising pretty regulary, my eating habits have pretty much gone back to pre-october. Pretty ugly!
Allowing myself treats, half-hearted exercising, even not allowing myself to be held accountable through my blog are just paving my road to failure.
BUT… I haven’t failed, right? Because I haven’t quit.
I went back to October to see how I started out, what did I do then and I’m not doing now? The most obvious answer was TRACKING my food. Regardless of what I ate, I wrote it down. Simple!
So, I guess, since I know what the problem is, I know what the solution is, the rest should be easy, right? Well, even solving the most simple math problems takes a process, and so does subtracting the pounds from my body. J
So, today, I’m back to tracking, and I will fit in some exercise, I’ll just have to make it happen.
Stay tuned!


  1. justcame across your blog. i feel you...totally there with you!
    and i hate to ask this, it is because i just worked for two hours mowing the yard and working our tree line in 80 plus heat...but is that a goat foloowing you in your pic? that is just too cute!

  2. I find that tracking is really key when I start to lose focus - having control over that one thing helps me regain momentum in all other areas. Looking forward to reading about your progress and continued success!

  3. Hey there Casey,
    I know exactly how you feel...I've been there so many times over the past 20 years. You're post has really moved me tonight. I'm gonna do a post tomorrow sharing what's made the difference for me...I hope maybe it will encourage you!

    Be blessed!!!


  4. Hi Casey -
    You know a really good book I read BEFORE I started that my doctor actually recommended is called: The Beck Diet Solution by Judith Beck. It's not about any certain diet but it gives you a plan to follow that helps you STICK to whatever plan you do do to get healthy. It was WAY helpful for both me and my husband. It helps with keeping you motivated and focussed.
    And you are right - you haven't failed - you haven't quit. You are mindful and aware and that is good. You are worth the time it takes to track your food and get out there to move your body!
    I'm rootin' for ya girl! ((hugs))


  5. YOU CAN!!! YOU WILL!!! I know it. It is hard, I know about the back problems. Stressfull, know about that too. But you can do it, you can manage it and still keep going. I have faith in you, lots and lots of faith. So back to eating less, moving more. Hard...yes...possible YES!!!
    Take care and have a blessed and awesome Sunday.

  6. Hi again Casey,
    I wanted to let you know I recieved your package and I just love everything and am so impressed with your beautiful work...thank you!!! You're precious and so thoughtful.

    I hope things are going better for you. Keep your chin up girl and keep telling yourself you can do this!