Monday, April 18, 2011

Tea give-away! And weigh-in!

Hello there! I'm back, did you miss me?
I was getting really frustrated with myself, my lack of self-control and the scale.
I know there are those of you who do not like the scale and have to make an effort to NOT get on. I, on the other hand, see the scale as a tool and know I am in trouble when I avoid getting on.
Well, that has been me for the last two weeks.
I did get on once or twice, but pretty much pretended it didn't exist. My mistake! Because as soon as I ignore the scale, I ignore my weight loss efforts. So when I place the scale into hiding, my self control and disciple go for a hike. And I don't join them!
Well, all that to say, I'd really like to get back on track.
Well, for starters I'm back to reading other friends blogs, and...
Look what I got!!!
Yup, I finally got new shoes, and I can't wait to go for a test drive!
I think I'm gonna start loving work-out time again! Thanks Julie for encouraging me to get them now instead of waiting till I hit a goal. I think I will be able to meet my next goal using these!
Now for my giveaway!
I know we have some tea drinkers out there and if Paraguay is known for anything, it's known for it's Yerba Mate.
I like to drink it as described in this article from wikipedia
       Tereré in Paraguay
      Tereré is a typical drink from Paraguay. It is very popular among young and old people. It is common to see students going to school with a guampa and their thermos underneath their arms filled with plenty of ice and water, for summer temperatures can reach 40° to 45°C (104° to 113°F).
Workers used to have a "tereré break" instead of a coffee break. In most workplaces, tereré is allowed among other things because the yerba mate has stimulant effects that can be likened to the role of coffee in an American workplace.
As a popular remedy, the people of Paraguay heal various ailments such as headache, stomachache, and diarrhea by adding medicinal herbs into the water.
The act of drinking Tereré is more than just that, however. It is often used as a reason to share and chat with a partner, meet new people, or just for meditation when drinking alone at the end of the day.
 This leaves are also really good as a regular tea! I like it hot with a bit of sweetener.
So today I'd like to host a give-away. I will send two lucky commenters a box of tea as pictured below. (Tea cup not included!) AND a piece of  Ñandutí (pronounced nyan-doo-TI)

Now this won't be the piece I'm sending, but if you specify color, I'll try to send it!
Any comments I recieve from now until next Monday will be entered into the drawing and I'll anounce the winners on Tuesday! The 26th!

Now for my weigh-in! I really almost forgot!
beginning weight: 279 lbs
last week's weight: 254.6 lbs
todays weight: 253.5 lbs

Someday I will get out of the 250's!

Hugs, Casey


  1. A loss is a loss is a loss :) That's my mantra these days. I'll take any loss I can get, even if it's super slow! Good job :)

  2. Good for you Casey. You're getting yourself back in the game. That's what matters most. As for the scale...I weigh in every single morning P.E.R.I.O.D.!!! I also view the scale as a tool. It's my accountability to myself. And it keeps me from "hiding" from the truth.

    I'm rooting for you girl!!! You can do it!!!

  3. Fun giveaway! :)
    Enjoy your new kicks! :) Good job on your weigh-in! :)

  4. Hi Casey, So glad you are back!! I totally have to weigh everyday. The scale is what I use to keep on track. The good, the bad and the ugly of it all.

    Keep focused!!

  5. I weigh every day or else I tend to think I can sneak something extra into my daily points. Guess this will be a life-long venture.

  6. Here is me raising my mate cup up to you. You can do it!