Monday, March 21, 2011

weekly weigh in

I don't even feel like writing anything this evening.
I feel pretty discouraged and dissappointed in myself.
I had been tracking my food again... and then I didn't.
I was exercising regularly (still am) but when I went for a run on Sunday, I felt like I needed to start the C25K from the beginning (I decided to do week 3 instead and made it)
So I don't feel like writing this post, especially because it's a weigh in, but I will!
It's the ones who quit that fail, right?
I'm not quitting, though it feels like a battle inside of me.
I will not give up. Someday I'll find my groove, and it'll work for me again.

Beginning weight: 279 lbs
Last weigh in: 253.7 lbs
This week: 253.7 lbs

Staying at this weight is MUCH better than a gain. And it's probably more than I deserve.



  1. The fact that you posted anyhow, and admit your frustration means you'll be just fine... I've done some back reading of your journey and you're really working hard - don't get discouraged. Accept a bad day / week / month and chalk it up to life. Just do whatever you need to re-motivate and excite yourself about the journey.

  2. "All forward motion counts." - "Elizabethtown" ♥ Hang in there. You can do this - you ARE doing it!

  3. You deserve to feel awesome!!! Yay for no gain. Of course you deserve that... it's not about punishments here... it's the journey and learning as we go. Yay for hanging in there! Just keep pluggin' away, it's all about not staying down and just continually pluggin' away!! Positive thoughts your way!! :)

    God bless!

  4. I agree 100% with Margene. It's the journey, the learning and doing that counts. I was up this week, no much but still enough that it shouldn't of been. This is a new week, we can do this. I KNOW YOU CAN!!! I have faith in you.
    Take care my friend and God Bless!!

  5. I love the Japanese version of "animo, fuerza": "Gambatte". It means "do your best". The one encouraged one calls back: "Gambarimasu!" So here's a loving "gambatte!" to you!
    hugs, J