Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ready for Summer #3

I'm a little late getting this in... sorry! Easter break goes til Monday around here!

Last weeks challenge!
Weight: I'd like to lose at least a pound again. Nope, I didn’t! I actually gained, and was very frustrated. I’m back to pre-gain weight today though.

NSV: I have some pants ... they are size 20 and I'd like to fit them by the end of the challenge. I fit a 22/24 now and I can zip the 20's but serious muffin top there. But for this week I'd like my tightest 22's to fit. So I didn’t even try these on because … well, obviously they wouldn’t fit because I had gained.

Exercise: C25K Week 2 Fail as well! I didn’t get much exercise in because on school break, church activities, family things and a sick child. And then it poured here and I couldn’t get out on the road. Really muddy!

Nutrition: My calorie goal is 1520 a day, and I'll be tracking! Did pretty good here. I think my gain was probably somewhat due to salt. Barbeque! So, once I was back to normal eating (less salt) my lbs went down quickly.

Mini-challenge for the week. Do an exercise you don't normally do. This was probably the most fun! And the most painful afterwards. I played volleyball! I haven’t played in years and this group of ladies was just there to have a good time and unwind. Wednesday and Thursday I was in a lot of pain. And even today, a week later, my neck still hurts. My arms were bruised, too but I wore those marks with pride. I want to go tonight again, but I’ll have to see if I get a babysitter to come over or if I take my kids with me or if I just don’t go tonight.

Ready for Summer Challenge, beginning weight


Goals for week 3
Weight: I’d like next week to show my weight at 255lbs. That’s a 5 lbs loss for a week, but remember, I’m already down a few from my last weigh in! Aim high!!
NSV: I’m going to try on that size 20 pair of jeans I have again. Also, I’d like to set up my sewing machine and start sewing again.
Exercise: C25K week 2 still needs to be done. Also on alternate days I’d like to do the 30 day shred. I want at least 5 days of exercise crossed off this week!
Nutrition: This one is going to be hard! I’ve decided to go low-carb for 2 weeks. I’ll be avoiding flour and sugar and starchy foods. Wish me luck!!


  1. I find when I stay away from sugar and carbs the rest just falls into place. Good luck with this weeks goals. I am rootin for you :)

  2. Congrats on the volleyball. Sounds like tons of fun.

  3. I love volleyball! Such a fun sport.

    Good luck on week #3! Low carbin' it can be tough, but avoiding flour, sugar and very starchy foods is always helpful when I'm trying to lose weight.

  4. You can do it. Making food changes are hard, but can reap great rewards and help stop the cravings for those foods.

  5. Good luck. Hope you meet all your goals. :)

  6. Volleyball is so much fun! You totally made me want to play that again :D

  7. Sewing! How I wish I learned how to :)

    It's so great to do things for fitness that lets you forget about calories like volleyball: focusing on the game, team, fun :)

  8. Well done on the tracking. It's school holidays here too so it's difficult to stay on track.

  9. Best of luck for this week, I hope you see great results. My kids are home until next Monday too and I have to admit having the change in routine has really made me stumble. I hope we both show a loss next weigh in!

  10. Volleyball - how fun!
    Good luck hitting your week 3 goals!

  11. I hope you had a loss this week and managed to track every day! Looking forward to your update :)

  12. We all have off weeks - salt water weight go away so quickly though - not to worry about! Good luck with your week 3 goals!