Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting some help!

I’ve been chosen!!!
Thanks to Mir (and the recommendation of Betty, thanks!),  I’ll be participating in the Eve to Easter Challenge.

I am so excited!!!
I really wanted/needed something to motivate me to lose weight again!
I was off to such a good start last year, then I stayed at my 20 lbs loss for a while and slowly the weight came back on again. I regained 11 of those 20 lbs. And yes, I’m ashamed, and yes I want to do better.
I’ve thought for a long time, that if I can’t do it alone, I’m not good enough. Well, since that’s not working for me…. It’s time to get at it with some like-minded ladies!


  1. Welcome to the challenge, Casey. I look forward to seeing more posts from you. :)

  2. Welcome, Casey. I was chosen too and very happy about it! Yeah! We will do it together this time!

  3. Yeah! So happy for you! We will be here to support you. You´ve proven it to yourself once, you can do. No quitting this time.

  4. Hard times always come and regains are common. The point is to never, ever give up--which is why that is one of my main rules. Even when you mess up, keep going. Keep going.

    I had a great losing streak and hit a plateau. Then hit some complacency. And I seem to have hit a hard setpoint. So, for me, these last 20 pounds or so are MURDER. Hard, which is why I cannot give up and must plow on. Plateaus bust. Set points can sometimes be reset. The work goes on, no matter what, goes on.

    I know you'll do great. Say it out loud and believe it.

  5. Welcome! :) I'm excited to read your stuff. Best wishes. Let's lose some stinkin' weight!

  6. Welcome! I'm Angela, Mir's Co-pilot. Gains stink, especially when you know in the back of your head you'll have to work twice as hard to get them back off again.

    Don't Despair! It's not impossible. All it takes is determination and stamina to stick it out.

  7. I´m not sure what´s wrong with your blog but I saw that you had posted your initial "Start up" post for the challenge. I went there from the "linky" at Mir´s blog and read it. But when I wanted to comment it wouldn´t let me. Then I went directly to your blog and the post isn´t even there. So maybe you should check that or else no one will be able to comment. If you need help, just let me know!

  8. Just so you know, you need to reenter your url in your linky. :) You entered the PreVIEW (not the actual post url). The created post--publish it. Then copy the url. Use that. Then reschedule it for the date you awnt...and it will show up on that date. The preview URL won't become the post url...can be confusing, I know.

    Your buddy is Julie. She's amazingly supportive, so you lucked out!