Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 7 of 7! And a Weigh-in, too!

First, we'll go to the weigh-in!

Last week saw me at 255.9 lbs - almost embarrasing, really!
This week I'm down to 253 lbs, and though I'm still not at my lowest, I'm glad it's going down again.

I think I'll go back to posting my weigh-in on Mondays. And even if, for whatever reason, I can't post on Monday, I will still post the Monday weight.

Just a little easier to keep track that way.

Well, my first 7 days of intentional tracking are done and this is how I did:

1. Track all food consumed and  I did all my tracking at I may have underestimated on the calories with some foods, but since I make everything from scratch and didn't use a scale, it was a more guesswork than an exact science.

2. Stay within my calorie range (myfitness suggests 2080 calories/day) I didn't go over my 2080 calories on any day, but I did get close on 2 days - would have gone over if I hadn't done my work out. Not good!

3. Exercise at least 30 minutes/day for all 7 days. This can be a walk or a shred! As long as I sweat! Ok, here I actually missed one day, but I did make up for it on another... I did a 60 minute workout on  Friday. But my goal was everyday, so I guess I fell short.So although I didn't do things just like I would have liked, it was a start!!

4. Deep clean for at least an hour/day on 5 days. (My spare room and master bedroom really need it!)I thought I'd miss this one! But... I did the spare room. It needs maybe another hour or so, but I spent about 3 hours in there over the weekend! I even got caught up on all the ironing!!!

I was going to do another weekly challenge, but I think I'll take the jump and do a May challenge. I know there's alot of challenges going around right now, but I need to do my own right now.
I'll try to post daily, evaluate weekly and keep going down with the weight.
And I'll try to stay away from the Doritos for another 18 years!!

May Challenge
1. Track all food consumed at
2. Stay within or under my calorie range (myfitness suggests 2080 calories/day)
3. Exercise at least 30 minutes/day for 6 of 7 days. Shred, or C25K or Leslie Sansone DVD or even just a walk. Again, as long as I sweat!

4. Spend at least 30 minutes doing my Bible Study (Stepping up, with Beth Moore) or just in the Word and in prayer. This needs to become more of a habit and not just a sporadic thing I do.

Thank you all for reading, and challenging and encouraging me in this journey. I love reading all your blogs and am learning so much from you all!

 Hugs, Casey.


  1. Great job Casey. I'm inspired...especially by your one hour of deep cleaning each day. I need to be doing this one myself.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog and enjoying it (adding you to my RSS feed). Congratulations on your weight loss. Love your challenges (impressed you're doing so many and keeping up with them). Love your latest challenge. I need to do that one too. :)

  3. Great job! You're doing fantastic! I don't think you failed in your workout goal at all- life happens and you made up for it later!